Vissla Wetsuit Size Chart

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If you’re looking for a ‘Vissla Wetsuit Size Chart’ – you’re in the right place.

Below are the men’s and kid’s wetsuit size charts specifically for Vissla wetsuits. The sizes have been taken straight from the Vissla website so are correct.

1. Men’s Size Chart
2. Kid’s Size Chart
3. About Vissla

If you don’t fancy looking through the charts, you can also take my ‘What Wetsuit Do I Need Quiz’ to find your perfect Vissla wetsuit size.




Vissla Wetsuit Size Chart – Men


Vissla Wetsuit Size Chart – Kids


About Vissla

Vissla is a brand that represents creative freedom and a generation of creators and innovators.

They use earth mined limestone to replace petrochemicals in their neoprene. As this comes from nature, it has a much smaller environmental impact. Their ‘Carbon Black’ is pyrolyzed from scrap rubber tires which cuts CO2 emissions by 200g per wetsuit. Dope-dying is another method of reducing their impact and saves tremendous amounts of water.

They embrace the modern do-it-yourself attitude within surf culture and craftsmanship. They’re on a mission to protect the environment and waves that raised them.

Vissla covers any apparent malfunctions or defects in material or workmanship under the European law. If a product is qualified under our warranty, Vissla will repair or replace the item with an existing comparable item, if not the same item.





Hope these Vissla wetsuit size charts have helped guys…if you need any other wetsuit size charts I’ve dedicated a whole post to it with only the biggest brands.

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