Quiksilver Wetsuit Size Chart

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If you’re looking for a ‘Quiksilver Wetsuit Size Chart’ – you’re in the right place.

Below are the men’s and boy’s wetsuit size charts specifically for Quiksilver wetsuits. The sizes have been taken straight from the Quiksilver website so are correct.

1. Men’s Size Chart
2. Boy’s Size Chart
4. About Quiksilver

If you don’t fancy looking through the charts, you can also take my ‘What Wetsuit Do I Need Quiz’ to find your perfect Quiksilver wetsuit size.




Quiksilver Wetsuit Size Chart – Men



Quiksilver Wetsuit Size Chart – Kids



About Quiksilver

Quiksilver was founded in 1969 by two Torquay, Australian locals; Alan Green and John Law. These two started on their journey from making boardshorts in their garage to a multi-million dollar market opportunity.

Authenticity, innovation, pride, confidence and a belief in limitless potential have been the foundations of Quiksilver. The company is becoming one of the largest and most prestigious apparel companies in the action outdoor sports industry with over 50 years experience in the surf industry alone.

Quiksilver’s apparel and footwear brands represent a casual lifestyle for young-minded people that connect with its boardriding culture and heritage. On top of sponsoring some of the world’s top outdoor sports athletes, the company also organises and sponsors numerous contests and events for a number of different sports.

Quiksilver has become far more than just a fashion apparel company. It is a company with deep roots in the history of the demanding outdoor sports lifestyle.





Hope these Quiksilver wetsuit size charts have helped guys… if you need any other wetsuit size charts I’ve dedicated a whole post to it with only the biggest brands.

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