NeedEssentials Wetsuit Size Chart

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If you’re looking for a ‘Needessentials Wetsuit Size Chart’ – you’re in the right place.

Below are the men’s, women’s and kid’s wetsuit size charts specifically for needessentials wetsuits. The sizes have been taken straight from the needessentials website so are correct.

1. Men’s Size Chart
2. Women’s Size Chart
3. Kid’s Size Chart
4. About NeedEssentials

If you need any other wetsuit size charts I’ve dedicated a whole post to it with only the biggest brands.




Needessentials Wetsuit Size Chart – Men


Needessentials Wetsuit Size Chart – Women


Needessentials Wetsuit Size Chart – Kids


About Needessentials

After a lifetime designing products for surfers, founder Ryan Scanlon felt a change was needed. So many things were added to products making them cost more. Most of the time these additions didn’t actually make the products any better.

So, he founded a different kind of company. One based on the value that less is more. A company that doesn’t try to convince you to buy more than you need. The concept for needessentials was born from a desire to consume less and live simply. It’s about not wasting resources on what is not important. The concept is to have less but to have what is well made, premium, timeless and useful at its core.

By letting go of things like branding, packaging, retail mark ups and expensive advertising campaigns needessentials can make premium surf products more accessible to surfers. This way, what surfers can save by buying only what is needed in a product they can spend on what is important in their own lives.

It is about having less stuff and more freedom.





Hope these NeedEssentials wetsuit size charts have helped guys… if you need any other wetsuit size charts I’ve dedicated a whole post to it with only the biggest brands.

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