GUL Wetsuit Size Chart

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If you’re looking for a ‘GUL Wetsuit Size Chart’ – you’re in the right place.

Below are the men’s, women’s and kid’s wetsuit size charts specifically for GUL wetsuits. The sizes have been taken straight from the GUL website so are correct.

1. Men’s Size Chart
2. Women’s Size Chart
3. Kid’s Size Chart
4. About GUL

If you don’t fancy looking through the charts, you can also take my ‘What Wetsuit Do I Need Quiz’ to find your perfect GUL wetsuit size.




GUL Wetsuit Size Chart – Men


GUL Wetsuit Size Chart – Women


GUL Wetsuit Size Chart – Kids


About GUL

For 50 years GUL has been at the forefront of watersports technical development. The company still retains the title as the largest UK based performance apparel company.

Since the beginning in 1967, the philosophy has been simple, make the best product possible and support the customer at every level. It was in the early sixties that Dennis Cross designed his first wetsuit, a jacket with a beaver tail and separate trousers.

This first wetsuit is rumoured to have been made in the back of his split screen camper at Fistral Beach in Newquay, Cornwall. From this humble beginning, the GUL brand was born.

With the continued strength of the GUL brand, opportunities to license the GUL name have resulted in our working with some very well known partners. We now license surfboards, watches, luggage, clothing, stationery and toiletries.

Since its inception our brand GUL has produced in excess of 4 million wetsuits to surfers around the world. GUL has become synonymous with quality, innovation and performance. For over 50 years we have been at the forefront of watersports and continue to develop new and exciting products for you!





Hope these GUL wetsuit size charts have helped guys…if you need any other wetsuit size charts I’ve dedicated a whole post to it with only the biggest brands.

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