Top 7 Products You’re Not Taking Surfing

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Ever wondered if you could make your surfing trips that little bit easier? Believe it or not there are some great surfing products out there to help you do exactly that. This ‘Top 7 Products You’re Not Taking Surfing’ list has got you covered though, I’d be very impressed if you had all of these in your surf bag…


1. Northcore Changing Mat

The first product you’re probably not taking to the coast but should is the wetsuit changing mat. Now, I know these don’t look all that… but trust me, they’re a great addition to any surf bag.

The reason I’m recommending Northcores changing mat is because it’s actually the one I have and I think it’s brilliant. Long gone are the days where I’d pack my sandy wetsuit into an old Tesco bag for life. Long gone are the days where I’d be changing in and out of my wetsuit on muddy grass or cold tarmac.

Now, its a case of whipping this bad boy out and changing within the area. When I’m done, I then simply use the drawstrings to create a watertight bag with all the nastiness safe inside. With enough space for at least two sandy, wet wetsuits this Northcore changing mat is worth every penny!


2. Aquapac Keymaster

The second product you’re probably not taking on your surfing trips is the Aquapac Keymaster. This again now an essential bit of kit I take on all of my surfing trips.

I often had the problem of not knowing where to put my car key when I was surfing. The only option was to leave it in my bag on the beach but I was never comfortable doing it, especially when I was going lone wolf. I also couldn’t take my car key into the water unless it was protected because its electronic.

The Aquapac Keymaster however solved all these car key issues and is why it’s number two on this list. It’s a simple solution to a common problem but does exactly what’s required. There’re different sized Aquapac products but the Keymaster is the best one for a car key. The car key goes into the Aquapac and I recommend placing it between shoulder blades just under the wetsuit (this way it wont be uncomfortable when paddling). It’s watertight and you’ll barely know you’re wearing it whilst surfing. I’ve used mine every time since buying it and its been a great purchase.


3. Northcore Magnetic Wetsuit Hanger

The third surfing product that’s almost definitely not in your surfing bag is Northcores Magnetic Wetsuit Hanger.

Now, this thing comes in incredibly handy if you’ve not got any obvious places around your car or van to dry your wetsuit. The ‘Hook Up’ magnet is powerful enough to hold 20kg so a soaking wet winter wetsuit is no problem. It’s a great gadget for those who need their wetsuit dry for numerous sessions over a weekend.

Drying a wetsuit is a pain in itself, but Northcores magnetic wetsuit hanger makes it that much easier. Definitely one for the surf bag.


4. SurfEars 3.0

The fourth product on this exclusive list is something that goes overlooked by a lot of surfers, surfing ear plugs.

Luckily, SurfEars have created Surf Ears 3.0. Now, like I said surfing ear plugs are overlooked by many surfers but there is good reason to wear them. Surfers Ear is a common condition amongst the keenest of surfers. With our ears exposed to cold water and winds on a frequent basis, the bone structure within our ears can actually be altered.

Surf Ears 3.0 is a premium set of surfing ear plugs that allows sound into the ear but keeps water out. At over £30 they’re not cheap but can save days, weeks or even months of uncomfortable Surfers Ear if you’re a frequent surfer.

I’ve even done my own SurfEars 3.0 review on this product.

Surf Ears 3.0 Surfing Ear Plugs


5. Northcore Keypod Key Safe

Number five on the list is Northcores Keypod Key Safe which offers a similar car key solution to number two on our list, the Aquapac Keymaster.

If you’re unsure about taking your electronic car key into the water with the Aquapac, Northcores Keypod might be your next best solution. Offering a sturdy key safe, the Northcore Keypod can be attached to your car, securing your car keys whilst you’re amongst the waves.


6. Surfers Skin Suncream

The sixth product that is a must have on those long summer days is Surfers Skin Suncream.

Designed especially for surfers and water goers, this suncream is the real deal! I have tried all of the none surfing suncreams out there; Nivea, Garnier, Piz Buin and none of them kept me from getting burnt. But, of course Surfers Skin does exactly that.

Protecting against both UVA and UVB rays, the 30+ SPF suncream is designed to protect wearers in the water for up to two hours. Surfers Skin is highly sweat and water resistant so also wont get into the eyes during a sesh. It uses an impressive blend of Jojoba oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera making it safe for every skin type.


7. SharkBanz 2 Shark Deterrent

Now, the last one on this list is an interesting new concept, the SharkBanz 2 Shark Deterrent.

This product is mainly aimed at those who have a higher chance of encountering sharks than the rest of us (I’m looking at you AUS). As a UK surfer who has a very slim chance of being within 10 miles of a shark, I haven’t got one of these. But, I feel this is the type of thing I’d want if I was a frequent beach goer down under.

The SharkBanz 2 works using magnetic technology to deter predatory shark species. Because it uses magnets it doesn’t require any batteries and is always turned on. It has a stylish, ergonomic design that fits anyones wrist over the age of five years old. It’s also good for up to 200m if diving is your thing.

Like I said, this is a fairly rare case scenario but for those concerned about sharks whilst surfing the SharkBanz 2 can offer that peace of mind.



Well I hope you guys have found this post interesting and its given you some ideas of what to take on your next surfing sesh. Let me know in the comments if theres any other surfing products I’ve missed out.

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