Top 7 Products You’re Not Taking Surfing

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Welcome my surfing friends, in today’s post I’ll be going through the ‘Top 7 Products You’re Not Taking Surfing’.

This list only contains things that are designed to make your days surfing easier. I’d be mega surprised if anyone’s got all of these items in their bag.

1. Osprey Changing Mat
2. Aquapac Keymaster
3. Northcore Wetsuit Magnet
4. SurfEars 3.0
5. Frostfire Mooncode Key Safe
6. Surfyogis Zinc Sunscreen
7. SharkBanz 2

Let’s get started!




1. Osprey Changing Mat

The first product you’re not taking to the coast but should is Ospreys wetsuit changing mat. Now, I know these don’t look all that… but trust me, they’re a great addition to any surf bag.

The reason I’m recommending Ospreys changing mat is because it’s the best one on the market right now. Gone are the days of using an old Tesco bag for life or changing on muddy grass and cold tarmac.

Now, I just whip this bad boy out and change wherever. When I’m done I simply pull the drawstrings together and create a watertight bag with all the nastiness safe inside. With enough space for at least two wetsuits this Osprey changing mat is worth every penny!


2. Aquapac Keymaster

The second product you need to take on every surf trip is the Aquapac Keymaster. This again now an essential bit of kit I take on all of my surfing trips.

I often didn’t know where to put my car key when I was surfing. The Aquapac Keymaster however solved this car key issue and is why it’s number two on this list. It’s a simple solution to a common problem but does exactly what’s required – I’ve also done my own product review.

There’s some different sizes but the Keymaster is the best one for a car key. The car key goes into the Aquapac and  stays dry under the wetsuit. I place it between my shoulder blades and barely feel it whilst I’m surfing.


Aquapac Keymaster Waterproof Case Portable


3. Northcore Magnetic Wetsuit Hanger

The third surfing product that’s almost definitely not in your surfing bag is Northcores Magnetic Wetsuit Hanger.

Now, this thing is mega handy if you need something to hang your wetsuit on to dry. The ‘Hook Up’ magnet is strong enough to hold 20kg, so holds up a standard wetsuit no problem.

Drying a wetsuit is a pain in itself, but Northcores magnetic wetsuit hanger makes it a bit easier. Definitely one for the surf bag/van.




4. SurfEars 3.0

The fourth product is something that often goes overlooked by surfers, ear plugs.

Luckily, there are solutions out there for surfers and the best on the market at the moment are the SurfEars 3.0. Ear plugs when surfing are important for one key reason – to stop a condition called ‘Surfers Ear’. With surfers ears being exposed to cold water and winds on a regular basis, the bone structure within their ears is often altered. This bone growth can overtime seal up a surfers ear, massively effecting their hearing.

Surf Ears 3.0 is a premium set of surfing ear plugs that keeps water out but lets sound in. At around £40 they’re not cheap but can stop ‘Surfers Ear’ in its tracks.

Of course, I’ve got a pair myself and have done my own SurfEars 3.0 review as well.


Surf Ears 3.0 Surfing Ear Plugs


5. Frostfire Mooncode – Portable Lock Box

Number five on the list is Frostfires Mooncode lock box. This product offers a similar car key solution to number two on our list, the Aquapac Keymaster.

If you’re unsure about taking your electronic car key into the water, Frostfires Mooncode is your next best solution. It can be attached to the underside of your car, securing your car keys safely whilst you’re amongst the waves.


6. Surfyogis Zinc Sunscreen

The sixth product on this list is a must have on those long summer days, Surfyogis Zinc Sunscreen.

Designed especially for surfers and water goers, this sunscreen is the real deal! I have tried all of the none surfing suncreams out there; Nivea, Garnier, Piz Buin and none of them kept me from getting burnt. But, of course Surfyogis sunscreen did just that. This special stuff is made from nothing but natural and clean ingredients including chocolate, coffee, vanilla, beeswax, zinc oxide, coconut oil. The 60g pot is good for around 60 sessions and it’s proven to stay on skin for hours and hours.


7. SharkBanz 2 Shark Deterrent

Now, the last one on this list is an interesting new concept, the SharkBanz 2 Shark Deterrent.

This product is aimed at those with a higher chance of encountering a shark than the rest of us (I’m looking at you AUS). So as a UK surfer myself, I haven’t got one of these. But, for those down under that might want some more peace of mind, this might be the solution.

The SharkBanz 2 uses magnetic technology to deter predatory shark species. Because it uses magnets it doesn’t require any batteries and is always turned on. It has a stylish, ergonomic design that fits anyones wrist over the age of five years old. It’s also good for up to 200m if diving is your thing.





So all I hope you guys have found my ‘Top 7 Products You’re Not Taking Surfing’ an interesting read. It might have even given you some ideas of what to get for your next surfing sesh.

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