SurfEars 3.0 Review

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Hola my surfer friends, and welcome to my ‘SurfEars 3.0 Review’

We’ll be discussing everything you’d want to know about surfings most popular ear plugs. Here is a rundown of the areas we’ll go through…

1. SurfEars 3.0 Review Video
2. Good Things About The Product
3. Not So Good Things About The Product
4. Would I Recommend?
5. Surfing Ear Plug Alternatives

It’s a super quick read so let’s get started!




1. SurfEars 3.0 Review Video


2. Good Things About The Product

So, let’s start the review with the good things about the SurfEars 3.0 earplugs…

  • They really do keep water out and do a fantastic job of it
  • You can still hear very clearly with them in
  • They’re made out of some very high quality materials that make the product feel like a premium product
  • Come with a great range of sizes that will fit any ear of any age
  • You can now detach the earplugs from the leash, something not previously possible
  • There are some thoughtful packaging features including an easy open magnet design, useful carabiner and water drainage holes
  • The earplugs are now colour coded, meaning they have a more specific fit for each ear
  • They’re incredibly comfy to wear, I often checked if they were still in my ears – they were that comfy


3. Not So Good Things About The Product

  • The price can put a lot of surfers off purchasing them
  • The drainage holes in the packaging can also let things in – like sand
  • Although you can hear very clearly, you cannot hear as clearly as if they weren’t in your ears




4. Would I Recommend This Product?

So, having used the new SurfEars 3.0 earplugs, the main question is – would I recommend them to you guys? Yes, without question.

The biggest downside to the SurfEars 3.0 is the price. This is what I believe puts so many people off purchasing them – whether it be for surfing or any other water activity. However, having used them myself I can honestly say that the price is completely warranted.

The SurfEars 3.0 earplugs are made to the highest degree of quality and I’d be surprised if anyone was disappointed with their purchase after trying them. The technology stored within these earplugs is the best in the industry. The creators have also gone to great lengths to make sure every part of the design is helping the user as much as possible.

They’ve perfected the fit, made more sizes available and improved the packaging to list a few changes. All in all, the SurfEars 3.0 are a fantastic set of earplugs and a great addition to any water activity accessory bag.

I will be taking them on every surf trip I go on from now on and will be recommending them to everyone who asks that frequent question – are they worth the money? Again, Yes.

Surf Ears 3.0 Surfing Ear Plugs

I realise there are cheaper earplug alternatives on the market but SurfEars 3.0 earplugs are leading the industry in terms of performance and build quality.

If you don’t believe me, check out some of the other SurfEars 3.0 reviews.




5. Surfing Ear Plug Alternatives

Of course, SurfEars are not the only brand producing ear plugs. Here are a few alternatives that are a bit more value based but offer similar features.


WLSCTY Professional Ear Plugs

This pair of ear plugs is by WLSCTY and they offer an extremely well reviewed solution at a much more affordable price.

These surfing ear plugs may not have all the premium features of the SurfEars 3.0 mentioned above, but still help prevent exostosis (also known as surfers ear). They’re made from soft silicone and the ergonomic design helps them fit comfortably inside the ear.

I’d recommend any frequent UK surfer to have a set of earplugs to reduce the chances of getting Exostosis. These not only make a decent stocking filler, but can prevent a common surfers health issue from developing over time.


Custom Built ‘SurfPlugs’

The most expensive / custom alternative ear plugs are from SurfPlugs.

These are at the other end of the scale in terms of cost and personalisation. As you’d expect with custom moulds, these aren’t as easy as picking a colour and purchasing them online.

If you’re planning to go down this route you’ll need to follow a few steps.

Those steps involve finding an audiologist to get a mould impression, then sending it to SurfPlugs to get it created. However, the end product will result in the most comfortable custom fit ear plugs you can find on the market.





So guys, that is my ‘SurfEars 3.0 Review’ in full.

I hope it’s helped answer any questions you might’ve had about the SurfEars 3.0’s.

It would be great to hear your thoughts in the comments below. As always, be sure to follow on the usual socials below to keep up to date with the latest surfing content!


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