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Northcore Beach Basha Pro Review

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Welcome surfing friends to today’s blog post, my ‘Northcore Beach Basha Pro Review’.

This changing robe has been in my kit bag for every surf trip over the last six months and in this review I’ll be taking you through the pro’s and con’s. I’ll then be finishing off with whether or not I would recommend it to you guys.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the article…

1. Northcore Beach Basha Pro Review Video
2. Good Things About The Product
3. Not So Good Things About The Product
4. Would I Recommend?
5. Changing Robe Alternatives

It’s another quick read so let’s get started!


1. Northcore Beach Basha Pro Review Video



2. Good Things About The Product

So, let’s start off with the good things about Northcore’s Beach Basha Pro…

  • Has two detachable layers, so is versatile all-year round
  • With a density of 380GSM, it dry’s fast and is lightweight 
  • Lots of room across the chest and in the arms for changing
  • Great length so no worries when bending over
  • The inner layer and outer shell both come with high quality zips
  • Comes in a nice storage bag
  • Looks like a premium product in blue with nice branding
  • Keeps you very warm and dry in the worst weather


3. Not So Good Things About The Product

  • Needs a couple more pockets for the walk the dog type situations
  • Currently only offered as ‘one size only’ – More size options have now been added
  • None of the pockets have zips
  • If zipped all the way up you can’t change in or out of clothing, needs to be unzipped a bit
  • I think the full price is a bit of a stretch


4. Would I Recommend This Product?

So, the real question – would I recommend Northcore’s Beach Basha Pro? Well, the best way for me to answer that is from the perspective of a beginner, intermediate and advanced surfer.


Is it worth it for a Beginner Surfer?

Not really.

If you’re fairly new to surfing (taking surf lessons or have just decided that surfing is something you want to get into), I would say Northcore’s Beach Basha Pro offers more features than you need.

A more suitable changing robe for you guys would be one of Northcore’s towelling poncho’s. These offer much better value for what beginner surfers require in regards to features. Here is a link to my recommendation for beginner surfers…


Is it worth it for a Intermediate Surfer?


If you’re some way along your surfing journey (standing up frequently and surfing more in the Spring / Autumn months), I would say Northcore’s Beach Basha Pro offers some great features that you could certainly benefit from.

If you currently have a changing robe (possibly a towelling poncho) and you want to surf more in the colder months for the better swells, I would say an upgrade to the Beach Basha Pro would be worth it.

Likewise, if you currently don’t have a changing robe – I would absolutely recommend Northcore’s Beach Basha Pro. The features this changing robe offers will allow you to use it all year round and you’d never have to buy another changing robe again.


Is it worth it for an Advanced Surfer?


If you’re a seasoned surfer who only venture’s amongst the breakers when the swell is pumping, than I expect you already own a Beach Basha Pro or something similar.

If you don’t currently own a changing robe that protects you from the wind and rain here in the UK, I’d 100% tell you to get a Northcore Beach Basha Pro. With all the best swells coming in the colder months, you’re making your surfing experience less enjoyable by not having one.

This is one of those products that once you have it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get it sooner.


5. Changing Robe Alternatives

Of course, Northcore are not the only brand out there when it comes to year round changing robes. Here’s a few alternatives that do a very similar thing to Northcore, if you need some more options…


Dryrobe Advance

The first alternative is the very popular Dryrobe Advance. This alternative offers a very similar range of features to Northcore’s Beach Basha Pro and was the original year round changing robe.

Dryrobe Adults Advance Changing Robe Poncho - Black

The biggest difference however is that the Dryrobe Advance does not allow you to separate the inner warm layer from the outer shell. This therefore brings it closer in comparison to Northcore’s Beach Basha Sport. There is a third pocket on the inside and the pockets do come with zips which is a big bonus.

This is more expensive than Northcore’s Beach Basha Pro but a popular alternative if you don’t need to separate out the layers and want pockets with zips.


Frostwire Moonwrap

The second alternative is from Frostwire with their Moonwrap changing robe. This option is incredibly similar to the Dryrobe Advance alternative but at at much lower price.


It comes with the usual features; is 100% waterproof, includes the fleece lining on the inside and has three zip pockets in total. It comes in a range of different styles and sizes so there’s options available for everyone.

It’s the value pick alternative if you don’t care about the more expensive branded versions mentioned above.



And that is that, hopefully this ‘Northcore Beach Basha Pro Review’ has given you a bit more guidance if you’re in the market for a new changing robe.

If I were to decide on which changing robe to go for, I genuinely think Northcore’s beach basha Pro is a better valued middle ground than the Dryrobe. Although the Dryrobe comes with pocket zips the ability to detach both layers with the beach basha Pro, alongside the price trumps it for me.

If you have any further questions on the beach basha Pro or if there was anything I didn’t cover in the review, feel free to comment below. As always, be sure to follow on the usual socials to keep up to date with the latest surfing content!


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