Dakine Surfboard Sock Review

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Hello surfer amigo and welcome to my ‘Dakine Surfboard Sock Review’.

In this review, I’ll be taking you through all the major points you’d want to know before purchasing this surfboard sock. We’ll be discussing the pro’s and con’s, some pre-purchasing tips and whether it’s worth the money.

1. Dakine Surfboard Sock Review Video
2. Good Things About The Product
3. Not So Good Things About The Product
4. Tips Before Purchasing
5. Would I Recommend?
6. Surfboard Sock Alternatives

It’s a super quick read, so let’s get started!




1. Dakine Surfboard Sock Review Video


2. Good Things About The Product

So, let’s start the review with the good things I found whilst using this Dakine Knit Surfboard Sock…

  • The cotton has a good thickness to it that protects the surfboard well
  • It’s a great value alternative to a big expensive surfboard bag
  • Easy to clean in the washing machine on a cool wash
  • Comes in a smartly packaged travel bag, great for packing away when your sock is not in use
  • Feels like a premium product made from high quality materials
  • Comes with a protective foam triangle for the fragile nose part of your surfboard


3. Not So Good Things About The Product

  • Difficult to get on and off when wax is on the surfboard
  • You can still get more protection from surfboard bags but it is more expensive
  • Not many designs available


4. Tips Before Purchasing

  • Get more length than you need, it’ll then be easier to put on and can be used on more boards
  • Check the width of your surfboard to make sure the surfboard sock will stretch over the middle section of your surfboard




5. Would I Recommend This Product?

So, having used the Dakine surfboard sock for a good few months, the main question is – would I recommend it to you guys? In short, yes I would.

If you’re looking for a reliable surfboard sock that will last, Dakine has you and your surfboard covered. Their surfboard sock is made from a thick, premium cotton that provides a great amount of protection. I had a few bumps and knocks getting the board in and out of the car but it was safe and sound inside the sock.

It’s easy to clean in a standard wash, allowing for any wax stuck to the inside to come unstuck. Sticking it in the wash doesn’t affect any of the stitching or the foam triangle that protects the nose. As I’ve mentioned, it’s built to last and made from high quality materials.

The travel bag makes it easy to pack away when not in use, and it’s always good to have spare surfboard sock incase of any inpromptu purchases.

Before I forked out for a more bulky surfboard bag, this surfboard sock transported my surfboard on all my surfing trips. It’s a great little surfboard sock and I’ll be using it to protect my next board.

Dakine-Surfboard-Sock-Review-Product-thewaveshack.com -min

There are plenty of surfboard socks on the market but Dakines Knit Surfboard Sock feels like a premium product with great build quality. The price might be higher than expected for some at £34.99, but it does feel like the type of product that will last.


6. Surfboard Sock Alternatives

Of course, Dakine are not the only brand that makes surfboard socks. Here are a few other alternatives I’ve found on Amazon that are great options if the Dakine version is unavailable.


Tenlacum Surfboard Sock

There’s one thing every surfer should have and that’s some level of protection for their surfboard. The cheapest protection you can get for any surfboard is a surfboard sock. Tenlacum have built a high quality surfboard sock for a great price.

Ho Stevie! Surfboard Sock-Best-Gift-Ideas-For-UK-Surfers-thewaveshack.com-min

These surfboard socks not only review well but also come in a good range of sizes from 5ft all the way up to 10ft 6″ – so should cover most. The high quality woven fabric protects the surfboard from any scrapes, dings and also UV sunlight. It also comes with a useful velcro pocket – great for storing spare wax and post surfing snacks.





So guys, I hope my ‘Dakine Surfboard Sock Review’ helped any possible questions you might have had whilst looking for a good surfboard sock.

It would be great to hear your thoughts or any other questions I’ve not answered in the comments below. As always, be sure to follow on the usual socials below to keep up to date with the latest surfing content!


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