Coco Loco Wetsuit Cleaner Review

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In this blog post I will be telling you all about my ‘Coco Loco Wetsuit Cleaner Review’.

We’ll look at the pro’s and con’s and finishing off with whether I would recommend it. I’m hoping this will be useful for anyone looking to get this or any wetsuit shampoo in the future!

1. Coco Loco Wetsuit Cleaner Review Video
2. Good Things About The Product
3. Not So Good Things About The Product
4. Would I Recommend It?
5. Wetsuit Shampoo Alternatives

It’s a really quick read so let’s get started!




1. Coco Loco Wetsuit Cleaner Review Video


2. Good Things About The Product

So, let’s start with the good things about Coco Loco’s wetsuit cleaner…

  • It’s a non-toxic wetsuit cleaner. The guys who make Coco Loco (Dirtbusters) have an ethos that they want to have as little an impact on the environment as possible.
  • It completely removes any bad odours and gives your wetsuit a nice eucalyptus smell that remains even when the wetsuit is dry.
  • It’s cheaper than some wetsuit cleaning alternatives.
  • The design on the bottle looks cool.


3. Not So Good Things About The Product

  • The instructions on the bottle are a bit vague, doesn’t give the amount of solution needed per litres of water for one wash.
  • Not sure you can get five washes out the 250ml as the bottle looks on the small side.




4. Would I Recommend This Product?

So, the main question… would I recommend Coco Loco as a wetsuit cleaner to you guys? Well, my answer is yes but this does depend on what you’re after in a wetsuit cleaner…

If you’re after a wetsuit cleaner that will primarily remove any bad odours than this wetsuit cleaner is absolutely for you. Coco Loco’s solution is a deodoriser first and a cleaner second.


As I’m personally after a wetsuit cleaner that focuses on just the cleaning aspect I think there’re better solutions on the market. However, there is no harm in having a bottle spare so I can easily freshen up my wetsuit every few months.


5. Similar Wetsuit Shampoo Alternatives

So, what would I recommend as a good wetsuit shampoo that focuses on cleaning rather than deodourising? There are two that I think do a better job at cleaning…


O’Neill’s Wetsuit Cleaner + Conditioner

The first is by O’Neill who have their own wetsuit cleaner and conditioner. I would recommend this ahead of the Coco Loco’s cleaner based on the cleaning alone. It’s also the product I used as part of my How To Wash a Wetsuit post.

O'Neill Wetsuit Cleaning Shampoo


Rip Curl’s Piss Off Wetsuit Shampoo

The second wetsuit cleaning is by Rip Curl and again offers a better cleaning solution than Dirtbusters Coco Loco Wetsuit Cleaner and Deodoriser. Rip Curl’s Piss Off Wetsuit Shampoo is a good wetsuit cleaner and offers an additional shield like protectant onto the wetsuit material.

You can also check out my Rip Curl Piss Off product review of this wetsuit shampoo.

Rip Curl Piss Off Wetsuit Cleaning Shampoo - Single Pack






So guys I hope you found my ‘Coco Loco Wetsuit Cleaner Review’ helpful.

I’ll be aiming to do more surfing product reviews in the future. Let me know in the comments if there’s any other wetsuit shampoos you’ve tried, I’d love to give them a go too!

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