Best Gift Ideas For UK Surfers 2023

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So, you’re here because you need a gift, a present or something special for a certain surfer. Well, welcome to my ‘Best Gift Ideas For UK Surfers 2023’ blog post.

I’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of unique surfing presents and gift ideas in a wide range of pricing brackets.

Here are the pricing brackets we’ll be going through…

1. £200 and over
2. £100 – £200
3. £50 – £100
4. £25 – £50
5. £10 – £25
6. £10 and under

There are some really cool gifts ideas in here, so let’s get started!


Gift Ideas For UK Surfers – Over £200+

Now, if you’re in need of a big present or main gift for a certain celebration this category is for you. With a few handpicked products these surfing gift ideas over £200 are bound to make an impact on any surfers accessory kit.


GoPro HERO10 – Black (£479.99)

A real life technological marvel in the surfing gadget department is the GoPro HERO 10 – Black Edition.

This surfing action camera is the latest in a long line of well established and well reviewed products from premium action camera brand GoPro.

With the GoPro HERO 10’s new GP2 processing engine, expect faster, smoother and better performance. The new features include a huge jump up in resolution quality and even smoother video performance with Hypersmooth 4.0. Not to mention, it’s waterproof to 10m even without a case so is perfect for mounting on a surfboard.


Apple Watch Series 7 (£469)

Fresh off the shelves we have the Apple Watch Series 7.

With the ability to download specific surfing apps such as Dawn Patrol and Surf Watch, the Series 7 can quickly turn into your #1 surfing bestie.

Aside from all the surfing wizardry, this watch really is next level – considering it’s still just a watch. Some of the features include the ability to measure your blood oxygen and check your heart rhythm with the ECG app.

All the usual daily trackers work even better with faster processing and you can keep measuring your workouts just like before.


Gift Ideas For UK Surfers – Under £200

For something that doesn’t require you to re-mortgage your house, but is still main present material – we’ve got the £100-£200 category.


Northcore Beach Basha Pro (£140)

Popular amongst the UK surf scene are these brilliant four season changing robes. This Beach Basha Pro from Northcore is one of the best changing robes to put on after a chilly winter sesh (especially in the UK).

I’ve done my own review of this product and can say first hand that it would make a fantastic gift for any intermediate or advanced surfer. The features that it offers make the colder months in the UK, when the waves are usually pumping much more enjoyable.


AKASO Brave 7 LE (£139.99)

If you’re looking for a less expensive high performing surfing action camera, you can’t go far wrong with the AKASO Brave 7 LE.

This action camera can shoot in hyper-quality 4K at 30FPS video or 20MP photo whilst being completely weatherproof. Not only that, your underwater adventure can continue to 131FT/40M with the included waterproof housing equipped.

The vivid dual displays mean you can change views between back and front making it easier to use. The Brave 7 LE is also equipped with improved 6-axis EIS to greatly boost the stability and fluency of your recording.


Gift Ideas For UK Surfers – Under £100

If you’re still looking for something a bit cheaper than this next £50-100 section might be able to help.


Frostfire Moonwrap (£89.99)

If Northcore’s Beach Basha Pro is not within budget, Frostwire have designed a similar product that reviews just as well.

Although the Frostwire Moonwrap doesnt quite have the build quality of the Beach Basha Pro, it’s a great thing to add to a surfers accessory kit. Features include a 100% waterproof outer shell with warm fleece lining, versatile pockets and easy two way zips.


Northcore’s ‘The Zen’ Balance Board (£85)

Another interesting surfing gift that not everyone thinks of is the classic balance board. Built for the purpose of improving core stability and overall balance – this piece of kit can do wonders for surfers wanting to improve.

It’s not only useful for improving surfing technique, it can be used as part of your daily workout routine. The above is made by Northcore and the five-star reviews speak for themselves.


Metal Surfboard Rack (£79.99)

For those lucky enough to have more than a few surfboards, this surfboard rack from COR make a sturdy storage solution.

The rack can store up to two surfboards, snowboards or wake boards. It’s made from high strength aluminium wrapped in a soft EVA foam sleeve to prevent any dings or pressure points to your surfboards.

All necessary mounting hardware is included for quick and easy installation.


Two Bare Feet Surfskate (£74.99)

Now, although this next gift doesn’t quite look like one for a surfer – don’t be fooled. Surfskates are skateboards designed to help surfers improve their balance and manoeuvrability. The trucks are built in a way that help the rider carve from left to right, generating their own power.

Two Bare Feet offer a well reviewed product for a great price. It’s not that unusual for the cost of a surfskate to go well past the £150 mark – so I think the above is great value. The design shown is just one from a large selection at the same price so go and check out the others using the link.


AKASO EK7000 Pro -Black (£74.99)

Another great value surfing action camera from AKASO is the very well reviewed AKASO EK7000 Pro.

AKASO EK7000 Pro - Black

This surfer gift idea can shoot video in 4K/25fps, 2.7K/30fps, 1080P/60fps or photos with a 16 MP lens. The waterproof housing also means the EK7000 Pro is watertight until 131ft making a great present for any surfer wanting to video their sessions.


Casio W-S210H-1AVEG (£50.99)

If a surfing watch is on someone’s list of presents but you can’t stretch to the above Apple Watch Series 6 , this Casio might do the trick. It’s not got quite the amount of technological wizardry but does offer some useful features a surfer might love.

The first feature is that it’s water resistant up to 100m, so there’s no worries when taking it for a surf. The second is the tide indicator, which shows the high and low tidal points at any location on any given date. It’s also got five daily alarms, a snooze feature and still enough room left to display the date and time.


The Wave Gift Vouchers (£50)

If you’re short on time and don’t have any other choice but to go e-voucher style – The Wave has you covered.

Offering a fantastic variety from beginner surfing lessons to expert waves, The Wave, Bristol is a great day out for any surfer. Their e-vouchers can be used in full or part payment for any surfing lesson or session and can arrive via email almost instantaneously!


Typically, a £50 gift voucher is enough to cover one person to a full lesson or session – but will depend on the time of year booked. Gift vouchers can also be bought in £10£25£100£250 .

For more info check out my ‘The Wave, Bristol – Everything You Need To Know’ guide.


Gift Ideas For UK Surfers – Under £50

If you’re looking for some unique UK surfer gift ideas with the £25-50 price range this next bit is your section.


Dragon Touch 4k Action Camera (£46.99)

Now, if any of the previous surfing cameras were a bit of a stretch on the surfer gift budget then the Dragon Touch action camera could be the present you’re after.

Like the others, this surfing action camera can shoot in 4k whilst stabilising video with anti-shake technology. The wide angle lens means that everything from take off to wipe out can be captured.

The remote control for start and stop is another great feature that makes recording whilst surfing as easy as ever. This action camera is also waterproof to a depth of 30M, three times the GoPro Hero 10 depth! The reviews speak for themselves on this one.


Dakine Indo Surf Hat – Black (£44.99)

This next surfing gift idea is one of my favourites, Dakine’s Indo Surf Hat. As the title suggests, this bucket hat has been built with surfers in mind and it’s one of the best on the market.

If you enjoy surfing in the Summer, this is the best way to save on suncream and protect yourself from those pesky UVA and UVB rays.

The first surf related feature is the sturdy and adjustable chin strap, which makes sure it stays put during any big wipeouts. The Indo model also comes with stiff inserts in the front and back of the rim so it doesn’t sag down when wet.

Dakine have also included a removable neck flap inside the hat offering more protection if needed. All in all, this is a great way to protect your skin when out amongst the waves in the Summer.


SurfEars 3.0 (£44.95)

This next gift idea is not just a great surfing gift but they also help stop a common surfing condition known as Exostosis (also called surfers ear). With some great features and a premium build quality, it’s easy to see why these SurfEars 3.0 are leading the market for ear protection.

I’ve actually got a pair myself and they’re now essential for every surf trip I go on! Check out my own review of these SurfEars 3.0 in my ‘SurfEars 3.0 Review’ post for some more info.

Surf Ears 3.0 Surfing Ear Plugs

The technology within these surfing ear plugs goes a long way and they’re sure to last the test of time. Having surfed with and without these earplugs, I’d definitely recommend them as a top gift for regular surfers.


Surfboard Carrying Bike Rack (£44.95)

For those lucky enough to bike to the waves, this surfboard carrying bike rack is a must. This rack can be attached to a multitude of bike frames and has gotten some great reviews on Amazon.

For the safest way to transport a surfboard on a bike, the KKmoon bike rack is the one you want. It’s made from lightweight aluminium and the adjustable straps keep the surfboard safe and secure in transit.

Frostfire Surfboard Universal Roof Rack Set (£39.99)

Anyone who travels to the beach in a car will need some sort of surfboard roof rack. Luckily, Frostfire have produced this brilliant set to secure any surfboard to a cars roof.

Frostfire Overhead Single Surfboard Roof Rack Set

This Frostfire roof rack set is compatible with any car and doesn’t require roof bars to be installed making it a great surfing gift. The soft pads and straps keep any surfboard safe during travel and the reviews on Amazon reflect how good it is at what it does.


The British Surf Map (£39)

One of my favourite surfing gift ideas this one and a fantastic addition to any surfer’s hideout… the British Surf Map from Malin & Mizen. This surf map features 190 of the UK’s best surf spots on one incredible, hand-drawn surface of your choice.


Available from £39 with plenty of options to customise the size, the surface type it’s printed on or whether to include a frame – this is a must have. Oh, and did I mention you can also get this fantastic British surf map as a beach towel as well?

And for all you lovely Irish and American surfers, Malin & Mizen have created some equally brilliant surf maps for Ireland and a number of surf maps for the coastlines of the US.

USE CODE: WAVESHACK12 (for 12% off at checkout)


Carve Magazine Annual Subscription (£39)

For those who have all the surfing gear under the sun, this Carve magazine annual subscription is the perfect alternative.

With five issues arriving throughout the year this magazine subscription is the gift that keeps on giving. Carve is Britains #1 Surfing Magazine, so they also know what they’re doing – making for great bathroom reading.


Northcore Changing Robe & Poncho (£36.99)

Northcore has dipped into the changing robe market and have produced this top notch surfers gift. This Northcore changing robe is made from high quality material and it’s a one size fits all – you literally can’t go wrong!

Northcore Adults Changing Robe Poncho - Black

Made from 100% cotton, this Northcore changing robe is sure to dry off an exhausted surfer in no time. It’s a great surfing present for those who enjoy privacy when changing in and out of their wetsuits, and it’s machine washable!


Ho Stevie! Surfboard Sock (£34.99)

There’s one thing every surfer should have and that’s some level of protection for their surfboard. The cheapest protection you can get for any surfboard is a surfboard sock. Ho Stevie! have built a high quality surfboard sock for a great price.

Ho Stevie! Surfboard

These surfboard socks not only review well but also come in a good range of shapes, sizes and colours. The high quality woven fabric protects the surfboard from any scrapes, dings and also UV sunlight. It also comes with a useful velcro pocket – great for storing spare wax and post surfing snacks.


PowerBalance Board (£32.99)

Now, this is the second and slightly more wallet friendly balance board on this surfing gift list. As mentioned above these things are great for surfers who want to improve their core stability.


PowerBalance have been able to produce a really well reviewed balance board that offers all the same benefits as it’s expensive counterparts. It can hold up to an impressive 100kg in weight and is an effective way to improve balance and co-ordination.


Quiksilver Rash Vest (£31.99) / Roxy Rash Vests (£31.99)

Rash vests are a great gift for any surfer, especially in the UK. If it’s too hot in the summer, a rash vest is perfect. If it’s too cold in the winter, a rash vest is also perfect. These things are useful all year round and are a great addition to any surfers wardrobe.

Quiksilver Men's Long Sleeve Rash Vest - Grey


With a great range of sizes, sleeve lengths and colours, both Quiksilver and Roxy have some great rash vests on offer. We’ve also got a great collection of the freshest rash vest designs in our store.


Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) – Donation / Merch (£30)

I like to think any surfer worth their salt is, at heart, a budding environmentalist. We have our most fun amongst the waves, but it will only ever last as long as the waves are protected.

Surfers Against Sewage are a great charity that help protect our waves. They do this a number of ways, including pressurising government to hold polluting companies accountable.

There’s a few donation options including the usual one off donation or a recurring monthly donation. Surfers can also support the charity by purchasing any of their rad clothing merch from the shop.


Northcore Seat Covers (£27.99)

Another great surfing gift in this price category are these brilliant car seat covers from Northcore. As surfers, we get wet – this makes it very easy to get other things wet and salt water doesn’t mix well with fabrics.

These car seat covers stop the common and unwanted lines left when saltwater dries on fabric. From experience, this is a present I wish I had before I ruined my car seats with saltwater lines!


Premium 30L Dry Bag (£26.99)

A super useful gift for any UK surfer is a proper dry bag. This premium version from Ultra Dry Adventurer is lightweight, comfortable to carry and puncture proof.

Perfect for those mega wet days where you need to keep everything inside your bag dry. At 30L in size this dry bag also has enough room for all your usual garments and comes with a premium waterproof phone case included.


The Wave Gift Vouchers (£25)

This surfing gift has already been mentioned, but if you’re short on time – The Wave have you covered.

Their e-vouchers can be used in full or part payment for any surfing lesson or session and can arrive via email almost instantaneously!


Typically, a £25 gift voucher will cover half of a full lesson or session (depending on the time of year booked). Gift vouchers can also be bought in £10 , £50 , £100£250 .

For more info about The Wave, check out my ‘The Wave, Bristol – Everything You Need To Know’ guide.


Gift Ideas For UK Surfers – Under £25

Now, if you’re looking for some smaller surfer gifts and presents this £10 – £25 section is for you.


Frostfire Mooncode Key Protection (£24.99)

One of the biggest dilemmas surfers come across when surfing is knowing where to put there valuables. Frostfire have of course built a sturdy solution with their Mooncode key protection unit for this exact scenario.

Great for surfers who drive to the coast and need somewhere safe to keep their car keys or debit cards. These things offer maximum security and can be attached to a car door handle or to the bottom of a vehicles chassis.


GoPro Bite Mount with Floaty (£22.99)

Top under the radar present in this price category is the GoPro Bite Mount, which includes an additional Floaty. This is the perfect gift for anyone who has a GoPro and wants to take some great POV footage whilst surfing.

The additional Floaty can attach directly to a GoPro or GoPro case (preferred method). The Floaty stops a GoPro from sinking and the bright orange makes it easy to spot in the water. Think of it as a cheap insurance policy for an expensive action camera!


Northcore Wetsuit Changing Mat & Bag (£21.99)

One of the best value surfing accessories to have is a changing mat. It’s super handy for every surf session and can also be used to transport wet, sandy wetsuits home.

If you fancied watching my review of this exact product, you can find it here – Northcore Wetsuit Changing Mat product review.

Northcore Wetsuit Changing Mat and Wetsuit Bag

I’ve taken mine on every single surfing trip since and have recommended it to everyone who has asked about it… need I say more?


Wavelength Magazine Annual Subscription (£20)

If the first surfing magazine subscription from Carve was out of budget, Wavelength might be able to help. Born out of Newquay, Cornwall this surfing magazine is truly at the heart of the UK surf scene.

The annual subscription is £20 and four magazines land each year – one for each season. Similarly to the Carve magazine subscription, this is a surfing gift that keeps on giving making it a great present for any UK surfer.


Osprey Wetsuit Hanger (£19.99)

Now, this might be a surprising gift for a surfer but solid wetsuit hangers are understimated in the world of surfing. Osprey have basically gone and created a very well reviewed wetsuit hanger.

The key features setting it apart from everything else out there are it’s durability and robust build quality. It comes with an adjustable strap and large carabineer so can hold up an impressive 22kg!

This might just be the missing bit of kit every surfer has needed their entire life and didn’t even know it…


Northcore Surfboard Leash (£18.99)

This surfing gift makes a lot of sense, it’s always a good idea to have a spare leash in the surf bag. There’s only a few things would be worse than snapping your leash after five minutes in the waves.

Unsurprisingly, Northcore have produced a very well reviewed, robust surfboard leash in sizes from 6-9ft. The 6mm thickness reduces the chance of it snapping and the dual swivel points reduce the chance of it getting tangled up.

If you’re unsure of what length to buy, get a leash the same length or a bit longer than the surfboard it’s getting attached to.


Ding All Surfboard Repair Kit – (£18.75)

Another item that every surfer should have in their bag, the Ding All Surfboard Repair Kit. This well reviewed repair kit repairs cracks, breaks and ding damage so is useful to have spare if all goes wrong amongst the waves.

Ding All Standard Surfboard Repair Kit - Clear

It comes with everything you’d need to repair a surfboard including instructions for how to do everything. This is one of those ‘wish you had it when you needed it’ kits, so even if it isn’t used straight away it’s still good to have in the bag.


Northcore Desktop Tidal Clock (£17.99)

If you’re looking for something a little less surfy and a little more homely, this tidal clock from Northcore is a nice alternative.

Made from natural bamboo with a laser etched face, this Northcore tide clock provides a guide to tide times at any selected location. It’s easy to setup and at 10cm x 10xm is the perfect size for a desk or counter top.


Fit-Flip Microfibre Towel (£17.99)

No surfer would be where they are today without a humble towel. This Fit-Flip microfibre towel is currently the best reviewed product in its class on Amazon and the biggest size (200cm x 100cm) is only £15.99.

Being a microfibre towel, this thing is compact, lightweight and drys extremely quickly – so is perfect for a day tripping surfer. The ultra-soft material is made from the finest microfibre, boasting antibacterial benefits to prevent any build up of unpleasant odours. It also comes with a neat bag and has a 100-day money back guarantee!


50 Places To Surf Before You Die (£17.99)

This book is an essential travel companion for surfers who love to surf and love to travel. It’s aimed at surfers of all levels who want to catch the perfect wave.

It’s reviewed incredibly well on Amazon and takes readers on a wide-roving adventure, divulging the details that make each surf spot unique. It even includes plenty of tips for those who aspire to surf there.


Pickle Wax Remover (£17.95)

Every surfer who has ever removed wax from their surfboard knows just how hard it can be sometimes. Introducing the awesomely named Pickle Wax Remover…

Made from 100% recycled materials, the Pickle Wax Remover is an environmentally friendly way to freshen up any surfboard. Harsh chemicals like white spirit are no longer needed to restore a surfboard back to its original glory.

It’s a great little gift for any surfer and the pack also includes a surfboard wax comb as well!


Northcore Power Strokes Original (£16.99)

One of the most undertrained areas of a weekend surfers fitness is their paddle strength and endurance. The Power Strokes Original by Northcore is a great fitness tool that helps address this very common weakness.

In short, this is a resistance cable aimed at improving the upper body strength of surfers. Used regularly it can help build-up the major muscle groups used whilst paddling.

It comes with two interchangeable 3m bungee cords and two handles and can be used pretty much anywhere!


Revival Surf Bag Repair Kit (£15)

This next gift idea is for those who have broken the zip on their surfboard bag and don’t want to shell out on a new one. This handy little set is created by The Revival Company and they’ve combined the perfect selection of tools for the job.


In the bag there’s everything you need to repurpose a surfboard bag when the zips have broken. It’s cheaper and a much more environmentally friendly way of reusing a broken surfboard bag by fixing it!

For full details on how the repair kit works and the steps to follow, check out the link above.


Northcore ‘Hook Up’ Magnetic Wetsuit Hanger (£14.99)

Another great Northcore product on this UK surfer gift list is their ‘Hook Up’ wetsuit hanger. Small enough to be a stocking filler but still a great little surfing accessory.

The ‘Hook Up’ has the ability to hold up to 20kg, making post surf wetsuit dramas much easier to handle. It’s got a silicone rubber outside so wont scratch the metal it’s placed on and also comes with a carabiner included.


HearProtek Professional Ear Plugs (£13.99)

The second pair of ear plugs on this surfing gift list are from HearProtek. Offering a extremely well reviewed solution at a much more affordable price.

These surfing ear plugs may not have all the premium features of the SurfEars 3.0 mentioned above, but still help prevent exostosis (also known as surfers ear). They’re made from soft silicone and the ergonomic design helps them fit comfortably inside the ear.

I’d recommend any frequent UK surfer to have a set of earplugs to reduce the chances of getting Exostosis. These not only make a decent stocking filler, but can prevent a common surfers health issue from developing over time.


Aquapac Keymaster (£13.95)

Here’s another surfing gift recommendation from personal experience – the Aquapac Keymaster. This is the solution I use to answer the question – where do I put my car key when I’m surfing?

Aquapac Keymaster Waterproof Case Portable

Perfect for any surfer that goes surfing on their own and needs somewhere to keep their electronic car key safe. If any of that sounds familiar or if you want more info – check out my Aquapac Keymaster product review.


World Surfspot Trumps Card Game (£12.99)

Now, this surfing gift idea is the perfect stocking filler – the World Surfspot Trumps card game. Putting that surfing twist on the classic top trumps, this pack of cards is a great thing to have spare in the car or van ready for the next weekend trip.

Each pack contains 34 professionally printed cards with ten comparable stats and there are currently three complete volumes available. There’s also more packs in the pipeline with UK specific and Ireland specific volumes coming soon.


DEWAX.IT Wax Remover (£12.89)

For any surfer wanting to revive their tired surfboard into a fresh new stick, this product will sort you out. DEWAX.IT is an environmentally friendly solution that helps remove any old wax residue or grease from your surfboard.

The 250ml bottle includes a non-toxic and non-flammable way of bringing any surfboard back to life. It’s the ultimate solution to help take the hard work out of surfboard prep.


Dirtbusters Coco Loco Wetsuit Cleaner (£11.95)

The surfing gift is another personal favourite of mine and also a brilliant wetsuit cleaner and deodouriser by Dirtbusters. This eco friendly wetsuit cleaner uses eucalyptus to help remove any unwanted smells from your wetsuit.

This is a product I’ve used and reviewed myself and would thoroughly recommend it. Check out the full post here – ‘Coco Loco Wetsuit Cleaner – Review’. It not only removes any bad smells from a wetsuit but also helps prolong a wetsuits life – an awesome little addition to any surfers kit.


Gift Ideas For UK Surfers – £10 and under

This brings us to the last pricing category – the £10 and under stocking filler section. Believe it or not, there are still some great surfing gifts for UK surfers in this price range.


The Wave Gift Vouchers (£10)

Third and final mention for this particular surfing gift – gift vouchers for The Wave.

As mentioned above, these awesome vouchers can be used in full or part payment for any surfing lesson or session and can arrive via email almost instantaneously!


Although a £10 gift voucher will only cover part payment for a lesson or session it still makes a great surfing present. Gift vouchers can also be bought in £25 , £50 , £100£250 .

For more info about The Wave, check out my ‘The Wave, Bristol – Everything You Need To Know’ guide.


50 Things To Do By The Sea (£9.99)

This brilliantly illustrated book is written by five time Irish surfing champion and big wave surfer Easkey Britton, Ph.D. It’s a practical gift guide for all surf seekers to help you soak up all that vitamin sea goodness.

The book is 144 pages long and divided into six main sections. Each section is filled with exercises, ideas and fun facts to help you reconnect with your oceanic roots and create special moments by the sea.


Surfing Log Book (£7.99)

Another really awesome book for anyone learning to surf is this surfing log book. It includes 100 pages of structured areas to fill in to remind yourself how each surfing session went.

It’s 15cm x 22cm and includes the following features to jot down; Date, Location, Session Type, Weather, Air & Water Temperature, Wave Size, Companions and many more. It’s a great way to keep a track of your progress and help focus on areas to improve in your next session.


Northcore Waterproof Key Pouch (£7.99)

This is the value option for those wanting to keep their car keys safe in a waterproof key pouch. Northcore have created a similar product to the Aquapac, but at a cheaper price.

With three levels of waterproofing this key pouch is sure to keep your car key safe and dry whilst surfing. Works until 10m water depth and is the perfect size for a standard electronic car key, but can even fit an iPhone 5, 6, 7 and 8.


Clear Ding Tape (£6.99)

For all the surfers who’ve damaged their surfboard during a session, this is one gift I bet they wished they had in their accessories bag.

Northcore Ding Tape Surfboard Repair

Ding Tape is the quickest and easiest way to repair surfboard damage on the fly. It doesn’t require any mixing with glass and resin and can easily create a watertight repair in seconds.


Mr Zogs Sex Wax (£5.95)

No surfer is complete without a fresh block of wax for their next sesh. For that reason, here’s the number one surfboard wax (in my opinion) from Mr Zog.

Mr Zogs Sex Cold / Cool Water Single Pack - 2X Extra Soft


This surf wax is perfect for UK waters and can also be used on skimboards, SUP paddle boards, kayaks and even drumsticks. There’s no such thing as too much wax when you’re a surfer, so this is a perfect stocking filling gift for anyone who enjoys the waves.


100% Reclaimed Plastic Surfboard Wax Comb (£4.25)

This surfing gift idea is one of my favourites, e-combs wax comb made from 100% recycled ocean plastic. The plastic used to create it was taken from the marine industry and would have otherwise gone into landfill or worse into our oceans.

Personally, I think it’s a great way of redistributing plastic waste and at such a low price, also helps contribute towards those trying to keep our oceans plastic free.


Gone Surfing Sign (£3.99)

Something a bit different but I  thought worthy of inclusion. This ‘Gone Surfing’ sign is great little stocking filler and let’s be honest it’s something we all want hung up 24/7.

Made in a contemporary style, this sign looks great hung up in a house or van. It’s a decent size at 20cm x 10cm, and has got some good reviews on Amazon.



And that is that my salty friends. Genuinely well done for making it to the end of my ‘Best Gift Ideas For UK Surfers 2023’ blog post. I hope you found some decent surfer gift ideas on the way.

Let me know in the comments if you went for any of these products or found something even better. Be sure to follow on the usual socials below to keep up to date with the latest surfing content!


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