Best Gift Ideas For UK Surfers 2020

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So guys and girls, you’re here because you need a gift, a present or something special for a certain surfer. Well, welcome to my ‘Best Gift Ideas For UK Surfers 2020’ blog post.

I’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of unique surfing presents and gift ideas in a wide range of pricing brackets just for you. We’ll start off with the biggest price bracket and work our way to the smallest price bracket.

Let’s get started!


Gift Ideas For UK Surfers – Over Β£100+

Now, if you’re in need of a big present or main gift for a certain celebration this category is for you. With a few handpicked products these surfing gift ideas over Β£100 are bound to make an impact on any surfers accessory kit.


GoPro HERO8 – Black (Β£379.99)

Fresh off the shelves we have the GoPro HERO 8 – Black Edition. This surfing action camera is the latest in a long line of well established and well reviewed products from premium action camera brand GoPro.

GoPro HERO8 - Black


With the GoPro HERO 8’s all new features including; Hypersmooth 2.0, Timewarp 2.0, LiveBurst and Night Lapse Video the latest iteration is a fantastic gift idea for any surfer. Not to mention, it’s waterproof to 10m even without a housing so is perfect for mounting on a surfboard.


AKASO V50 Pro – Special Edition (Β£129.99)

If you’re looking for something similar to the GoPro HERO 8 – Black Edition but can’t quite stretch the surfing gift fund then the AKASO V50 Pro – Special Edition is a great second choice.

AKASO V50 Pro Special Edition - Black


With superb image quality and the capability to capture a surf sesh in 4K/60fps, 4K/30fps, 2.7K/30fps, 1080P/120fps, 1080P/60fps, 720P/240fps video and 20MP image this action camera makes a great gift for any surfer. With built-in electronic image stabilisation and a waterproof housing the AKASO V50 Pro is perfect for mounting on the end of a surfboard.


Gift Ideas For UK Surfers – Under Β£100

If you’re after something special but are looking for a price range between Β£50-100, this section is for you.


Dakine Longboard Surfboard Sock (Β£61.99)

The best thing about this Dakine surfboard sock is that it’s big enough to go over and protect pretty much any surfboard making it a ‘can’t go wrong’ surfers present. I’ve got a Dakine surf sock myself and can say they are made with premium materials and even clean up great in the washing machine.

Dakine Longboard Surfboard Sock - 10ft 2


If the surfer you’re looking for hasn’t got anything to protect their surfboard, this Dakine surfboard sock makes a great surfing gift. The soft cotton material is thick enough to provide good protection from bumps and knocks and the black foam end protects the fragile tip at the top of the surfboard.


AKASO EK7000 Pro -Black (Β£74.99)

Another great value surfing action camera from AKASO is the very well reviewed AKASO EK7000 Pro.

AKASO EK7000 Pro - Black


This surfer gift idea can shoot video in 4K/25fps, 2.7K/30fps, 1080P/60fps or photos with a 16 MP lens. The waterproof housing also means the EK7000 Pro is watertight until 131ft making a great present for any surfer wanting to video their sessions.


Gift Ideas For UK Surfers – Under Β£50

If you’re looking for some unique UK surfer gift ideas with the Β£25-50 price range this next bit is your section.


Northcore Changing Robe & Poncho (Β£34.99)

This is one of the most useful gifts a surfer can take to the beach – the changing robe poncho. This Northcore changing robe is made from great quality material and the adult size fits all – you literally can’t go wrong!

Northcore Adults Changing Robe Poncho - Black


This Northcore changing robe is made from 100% 380gsm cotton so it’s sure to dry off the exhausted surfer in no time. Plus, it’s the perfect surfing present for those who would like a bit of privacy when changing in and out of their wetsuits! Did I mention it’s wash machine washable?


SurfEars 3.0 (Β£46.99)

Now, these are a great surfing gift and one I now take with me on every surf trip. Check out my own review of these SurfEars 3.0 in my ‘SurfEars 3.0 Review’ post for some more info.

One thing that goes under the radar far too often for surfers is ear protection. Believe it or not, surfers can suffer from a medical condition called ‘Surfers Ear’, luckily the newly updated SurfEars 3.0 removes this worry completely.

Surf Ears 3.0 Surfing Ear Plugs


With the recently updated design, SurfEars 3.0 the best solution for protecting surfers ears from infection just got better. The technology within these surfing ear plugs goes a long way and they are sure to last the test of time making them the perfect gift for any regular weekend surfer.


Roam 7ft Surfboard Leash (Β£26.99)

Something that every surfer needs in their accessory bag is a spare surfboard leash. Roam have developed a great looking 7ft surfboard leash at a great price making it a must have present for any surfer.

Roam 7ft Surfboard Leash 7mm - Blue


With a thickness of 7mm this surfboard leash is going to be able to withstand the biggest wipeouts without breaking. Need a different size? Roam have a range from 5-9ft in a variety of colours. Unsure about what length to get? Standard practice is to get the same leash length as the surfboard it’s attached to.


Quiksilver Rash Vest (Β£24.99) / Roxy Rash Vests (Β£31.99)

Rash vests are a great gift for any surfer, especially in the UK. If it’s too hot for a wetsuit in the summer a rash vest is perfect, if it’s too cold in the winter a rash vest adds that extra layer of warmth. These are useful all year round and are a great addition to any surfers wardrobe.

Quiksilver Men's Long Sleeve Rash Vest - Grey

Β  Β  Β  Β  Β Roxy Women's Long Sleeve Rash Vest - Peach


With a great range of sizes, sleeve lengths and colours, both Quiksilver and Roxy have some great rash vests on offer. We’ve got a great collection of the freshest rash vest designs in our store.


APEMAN 4k Ultra HD – Black (Β£39.99)

Now, if any of the previous surfing cameras were a bit of a stretch on the surfer gift budget then the APEMAN 4k Ultra HD could be the present you’re after.

APEMAN 4k Ultra HD Waterproof Action Camera - Black


This surfing action camera can shoot in 4k whilst stabilising video with anti-shake. The wide angle 170Β° lens means that everything from take off to wipe out can be captured. The remote control for start and stop is another great feature that makes recording whilst surfing as easy as ever. The APEMAN 4k Ultra HD waterproof action camera makes a great value gift solution for any surfer and the product reviews speak for themselves.


Gift Ideas For UK Surfers – Under Β£25

Now, if you’re looking for some smaller surfer gifts and presents this Β£25 and under section is for you.


Northcore Wetsuit Changing Mat & Bag (Β£17.99)

One of the best surfing accessories I’ve bought for myself to add to my surfing accessory bag – check out my Northcore Wetsuit Changing Mat product review.

This Northcore changing mat makes changing in and out of a wetsuit an absolute breeze. Plus, you can use it to transport the wet and sandy wetsuits home after a surf sesh, it’s amazing.

Northcore Wetsuit Changing Mat and Wetsuit Bag


The drawstrings around the sides pull in to create a good sized bag for up to three wetsuits, it really isΒ a fantastic surfer gift idea that will last. I’ve taken mine on every single surfing trip since buying mine and have recommended it to everyone who has asked about it, need I say more?


Aquapac Keymaster (Β£14.99)

Another surfer gift recommendation from personal experience – the Aquapac Keymaster. Who’d of thought that a simple waterproof bag could take away car key safety worries when amongst the waves? Well, the Aquapac Keymaster does just that.

Aquapac Keymaster Waterproof Case Portable


This is a great gift for any surfer that goes surfing on their own and needs somewhere secure to keep their electronic car key. If that sounds like the surfer you’re looking for then this is a must buy. Check out my Aquapac Keymaster product review.


Frostfire Surfboard Universal Roof Rack Set (Β£21.99)

The Universal Frostfire surfboard roof rack set is another great gift idea for any surfer who either crams their surfboard in the car or secures it not so securely to the roof.

Frostfire Overhead Single Surfboard Roof Rack Set


This Frostfire roof rack set is compatible with any car and doesn’t require roof bars to be installed making it a great surfing present. The soft pads and straps keep any surfboard safe during travel and the reviews on Amazon reflect how good it is at what it does.


Ding All Surfboard Repair Kit – (Β£16.99)

Another item that every surfer should have in their bag, the Ding All Surfboard Repair Kit. This well renowned repair kit is specific to surfboard repair such as cracks, breaks and ding damage so makes a great present for any surfer.

Ding All Standard Surfboard Repair Kit - Clear


This repair kit comes with everything needed to repair a surfboard with instructions of the repair process also included. This is one of those ‘wish you had it when you needed it’ kits, so even if it isn’t used straight away it’s still good to have in the bag.


Mrs Palmers Base Coat & Cold Surfboard Wax Triple Pack – (Β£8.99)

One thing is for certain in this world – a surfer can never have too much wax and with that, hello Mrs Palmers Triple Pack. This wax pack is another great surfing gift for UK surfers in cold water.

Mrs Palmers Surfboard Wax Triple Pack - Base Coat / Cold Water Top Coat


With one base coat wax and two top coat waxes (weighing 70g each) this pack is going to last a while. The temperature of the two cold top coat wax blocks is between 8-12Β°C so is perfect for the colder UK waters. This Mrs Palmers Triple Pack is an easy win if you’re looking for UK surfer gift ideas – it’s a fact, every surfer loves getting surf wax.



And that is that my friends. Well done for making it to the end of my ‘Best Gift Ideas For UK Surfers 2020’ blog post, I hope you found some decent surfer gift ideas on the way. Would be great to know in the comments if you went for any of the above products or found something else even better – I’d love to add it to the list.

Thanks again for reading and don’t forget to check out my other surfing content!


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