Best Car & Van Surfing Accessories 2024

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Welcome surfer dude and dudettes, in today’s blog post we’re discussing the ‘Best Car & Van Surfing Accessories 2024’.

This list has been collated to achieve two things; to make your surfing trips better and to overcome any car type issues you may encounter on the way. For this reason, expect some very specific surfing accessories and some very specific car and van accessories.

I kept the best till last so good luck not skipping to the end, let’s get started!


My Recommendations

If you don’t have the time to check out all of the great surfing gift ideas on the list, here are my top three picks…


Best Value Product

Best Car & Van Surfing

Northcore Hula Girl


  • Iconic
  • High Quality
  • Contains Aloha
Check Amazon ✓

Best New Product

Easy Access Roof Pedal


  • Great Design
  • High Quality
  • Supports 175kg+
Check Amazon ✓


COR Surfboard Universal Roof Rack Set (£49.99)

The first essential car and van accessory is this universal surfboard roof rack. COR have produced this very well reviewed set that secures surfboards to any car roof.


The durable 600D oxford fabric pads make transporting surfboards, paddleboards or even kayaks a breeze. The set includes two rack pads and premium tie-down straps with silicone-coated cam-buckles to prevent damage. This roof rack set is also compatible with any car and doesn’t require roof bars to be installed making it a top-notch surfing gift.




Holts Tyre Puncture Repair Kit (£12.99)

This second accessory is one of the essential bits of kit I think everyone should have in their own car or van – a tyre puncture repair kit. This little kit can re-inflate a punctured tyre whilst at the same time sealing the puncture.

This is the easiest and quickest way to get you back on the road if you experience a puncture. The idea is that once used, you’ll be able to get yourself to a garage to properly sort out that puncture. The non-toxic formula doesn’t damage the tyre and can easily be wiped out. It’s also suitable for large tyres so even if you’re in a big van you’re covered with this one.


Northcore ‘Hook Up’ Magnetic Wetsuit Hanger (£16.95)

Another great Northcore product to keep in the car or van is the ‘Hook Up’ wetsuit hanger. Small but still a great little surfing accessory.

The ‘Hook Up’ has the ability to hold up to 20kg, making post surf wetsuit dramas much easier to handle. It’s got a silicone rubber outside so won’t scratch the metal it’s placed on and also comes with a carabiner included.


AstroAI Tyre Inflator Kit (£28.99)

If you wanted some extra puncture precaution or have larger tyres, this tyre inflator kit should do the trick. It plugs straight into your 12V socket so can just live in the boot of your car or van until needed.

This particular tyre inflator kit is really well reviewed on Amazon and can inflate a tyre from 0-35 PSI in under five minutes. The digital display also allows you to choose the correct PSI you require for your tyre. If you’re a stand-up paddleboard user, the additional nozzles in the kit will make inflating that SUP easier than ever.




Clear Ding Tape (£6.99)

For all the surfers who’ve damaged their surfboard during a session, this is one item I bet they wished they had in their car or van.

Northcore Ding Tape Surfboard Repair

Ding Tape is the quickest and easiest way to repair surfboard damage on the fly. It doesn’t require any mixing with resin and can easily create a watertight repair in seconds.


First Aid Kit (£24.99)

Another great car and van accessory that I think should be in every vehicle is a decent first aid kit. This particular product comes from Amazon’s leading provider of first aid kits and includes 220 essential items.

As with most first aid kits, it’s super organised and features multiple compartments with additional space to add more supplies. This comprehensive kit includes; antiseptic towels, butterfly closures, safety pins, fingertip strips, first aid tape, eye pads, metal medical scissors, instant cold packs, large foil emergency blankets and a range of plasters. In short, this is a must have.


Osprey Waterproof Changing Rope (£92.99)

This is usually the first thing we go to after a surf, the trusty changing poncho. I’ve decided to include the more affordable Osprey model that reviews just as well as the market leader DryRobe.

Although the Osprey version doesn’t quite have the build quality compared to DryRobe, its value for money is through the roof. Features include a 100% waterproof outer shell with warm fleece lining, versatile pockets and easy two way zips. Did I also mention 20% of this changing robe is made from recycled bottles..?




Travelisimo Electric Lunch Box (£29.99)

This nifty bit of kit is useful for those hardcore winter surfers who want a warm meal after the freezing cold sesh. Built from high quality temperature resistant materials, this car-friendly electric lunchbox is able to heat meals on the go.

Inside is an easy to clean stainless steel 1.5L container, so plenty of room for some warm or cold food. It’s really well reviewed on Amazon, plus if you’re not using it on the go it can be used at home.


Northcore Seat Covers (£29.95)

Another accessory that’s an essential bit of car and van surfing kit – Northcore’s seat covers. We surfers like to get wet, this means other things get wet and salt water doesn’t mix well with fabrics.

These car seat covers stop the common and unwanted lines left when saltwater dries on fabric. From experience, this is a present I wish I had before I ruined my car seats with saltwater lines!


Odoga 300W Power Inverter (£49.99)

This next accessory is for those in need of a three point plug socket whilst out on the road. If you were unaware, it’s possible to boost your car’s 12V cigarette lighter into a 240V three point socket.

Odoga has us covered with their power inverter which reviews crazy well and is priced very competitively. Alongside the usual three-point socket are two additonal USB ports for super fast charging of phones and tablets. This inverter comes in a durable metal housing so can withstand bumps and drops whilst also being designed to prevent overheating.




Two Bare Feet Surfskate (£79.99)

This car and van accessory is perfect to keep in the boot for those flat days. Surfskates are skateboards designed to help surfers improve their balance and manoeuvrability. The trucks are built in a way that help the rider carve from left to right, generating their own power.

Two Bare Feet offer a well reviewed product for a great price. It’s not that unusual for the cost of a surfskate to go well past the £150 mark – so I think the above is great value. The design shown is just one from a large selection at the same price, check out the others using the link above.


ADDTOP Solar Power Bank (£44.95)

When all hope is lost in terms of power, this solar power bank is able to provide a secret lifeline.

Using the newest solar power technology, this 2500mAh power bank is capable of charging the latest phones ten times without recharging. This particular power bank also has extended solar panels to speed up the charging of the battery.


Frostfire Mooncode – Portable Lock Box (£24.99)

One of the biggest dilemmas surfers come across when surfing is knowing where to put their valuables. Northcore have of course built a sturdy solution with their surf key protection safe for this exact scenario.

Great for surfers who drive to the coast and need somewhere safe to keep their car keys or debit cards. These things offer maximum security and can be attached to a car door handle or to the bottom of a vehicles chassis.




WADEO Portable Shower & Bucket (£54.99)

Another great car and van accessory for any surfer is the mighty portable shower. With sand being what it is, this outdoor shower and bucket combo is a great way to alleviate all those sand related stresses. Whether it be cleaning sandy toes or a super sandy doggo, this thing will do the trick.

A water purification filter is attached in the water pump to guarantee clean water supply and the removable and washable filter offer you a refreshing bath option. This portable shower also has a built-in 4500mAh lithium battery(3 x 1500mAh battery packs), which provide up to 80-90 minutes of battery life for working in just 3-4 hours per charge.


World Surfspot Trumps Card Game (£12.99)

If you’re having a bit of downtime, or the forecast lied to you again…these surfing top trump cards are great to have in the car or van. They put a surfing twist on the classic top trumps game and are a great thing to have ready for any surfing trip.

Each pack contains 34 professionally printed cards with ten comparable stats and there are currently three complete volumes available. There’s also more packs in the pipeline with UK specific and Ireland specific volumes coming soon.


TOOENJOY Easy Access Roof Pedal (£32.99)

This is possibly my favourite car and van accessory ever, the TOOENJOY Easy Access Roof Pedal. This device connects to the standard door locking system present on almost every car and provides an extra step-up to easily access the roof.

Perfect for surfers who are stretching to strap down multiple surfboards to the tops of their cars and vans! This thing can support a massive 28.5 stone or 400lbs whilst providing a firm support when accessing the roof of your vehicle. If that wasn’t enough, the soft rubber triangles prevent any denting or paint damage whilst in use.




Northcore Surfboard Leash (£18.99)

If you’re unsure of what length to buy, get a leash the same length or a bit longer than the surfboard it’s getting attached to.

Having a spare one of these in the car makes a lot of sense…if you snap your leash on the first day of a three day surf weekend, your weekend is basically not gonna be as good.

Unsurprisingly, Northcore have produced a very well reviewed, robust surfboard leash in sizes from 6-9ft. The 6mm thickness reduces the chance of it snapping and the dual swivel points reduce the chance of it getting tangled up.

If you’re unsure of what length to buy, get a leash the same length or a bit longer than the surfboard it’s getting attached to.


Drive Auto Boot Organiser (£19.99)

For those of us who love to be organised, this boot organiser takes things to an almost satisfying level. This is a great bit of kit to have in any car or van as it makes storing all of the above items super easy.

Built from 5mm density board and covered in 600D waterproof Oxford cloth, this is a proper solid boot organiser. It comes with aluminium handles, detachable compartments and can be folded down as small as a normal laptop bag. Finally, it includes some reflective strips to provide some extra visibility when unloading in the dark.


Surfing Log Book (£7.99)

Another really awesome car and van accessory is this surfing log book. It includes 100 pages of structured areas to fill in to remind yourself how each surfing session went.

It’s 15cm x 22cm and includes; Date, Location, Weather, Wave Size, Companions and many more. It’s a great way to keep a track of your progress and help focus on areas to improve in your next session.




Thetford Portable Toilet (£109.99)

For those who are going super offroad where the nearest toilet is completely unknown, we have the Thetford potable toilet. This car and van accessory is not to be confused with the very similar looking HomEasy electric lunch box mentioned above.

This premium portable toilet comes with a handy flushing function and can hold up to 21L of waste. It’s fairly light to carry at just under 5kg, easy to store and easy to empty. This is perfect for those nomad surfers who love to get away from it all, whilst maintaining a bit of normality in the toilet department.


Osprey Wetsuit Changing Mat & Bag (£21.99)

One of the best value surfing accessories to have is a changing mat. It’s super handy for every surf session and can also be used to transport wet, sandy wetsuits home. This Osprey variant is the best reviewed on Amazon and will make a solid surfing gift.

If you fancied watching a review of a similar product, you might find my Northcore Wetsuit Changing Mat product review useful.

I’ve taken my Northcore version on every single surfing trip since purchasing it and have recommended it to everyone who has asked about it… need I say more?


Pecute Pet Car Seat Cover (£24.99)

For any dog loving surfers out there, this might be the best car and van accessory you ever buy. This easy to install pet car seat cover is perfect for keeping any sand, mud and hair away from the actual inside of the car.

The material itself consists of four layers to make it both comfortable and durable. It’s easy to clean with a damp cloth or vacuum, but is also machine washable if you fancy giving it a proper clean. It’s really well reviewed on Amazon and is designed as universally fitting, so is suitable for the vast majority of cars.




Northcore Hawaiian Hula Doll (£15.95)

This list would not have been complete without this timeless addition, the Northcore Hawaaian Hula Doll. This classic hula doll dances and hulas away as you make your way to the coastline.

Best Car & Van Surfing

The 7″ figurine was built from a hand sculpted mould and hand painted to achieve that perfect finish. Helping channel that Aloha Spirit, the real question is…are you even a surfer if this isn’t on your dashboard?



Well team, I hope this list of the ‘Best Car & Van Surfing Accessories 2024’ was useful.

Was great fun finding all of these awesome products and if I was minted I’d probably buy all of them! My favourite product (excluding the hula doll) is the ‘Easy Access Roof Pedal’. It’s just a super intelligent way to easily access the car roof, which we surfers do a lot.

Let me know in the comments if you use any other awesome products on your surfing trips. Be sure to follow on the usual socials below to keep up to date with the latest surfing content!


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