Aquapac Keymaster Review

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Ever wondered where to put your car key when you go surfing? This ‘Aquapac Keymaster Review’ will offer everything you need to know about how to solve this problem.

I’ll be reviewing the pro’s and con’s I found whilst using the aquapac keymaster and then finishing off with whether I think it’s worth the money. Obviously these are just my views on the product but I’m hoping this review will help those also looking for some more info on the product.


Aquapac Keymaster Review Video


Good Things About The Product

So, let’s start with the good things about the Aquapac Keymaster…

✔️  It kept my car key dry every time I’ve used it whilst surfing
✔️  It means I dont have to worry about where my car key is or even worst, leaving my car key on the beach with the rest of my things


Not So Good Things About The Product

✖️  There was some moisture in the aquapac but the car key was still fully functional (I explain my theory why below)
✖️  I think it’s fairly expensive for what it is, basically a waterproof bag and a lanyard


Would I Recommend This Product?

So, the main question… would I recommend the aquapac keymaster to you guys as a solution to this car key surfing problem? Yes.

Firstly, just want to give my theory on the moisture in the bag situation. I believe this was because I tied the aquapac around my wrist for the purpose of the review video. I wanted you guys to be able to see my car key in the aquapac actually in the water so you knew I was doing this review justice. All of the previous times I’ve used the aquapac I’ve put it under my wetsuit between my shoulder blades. When doing this I’ve never had any water or moisture in the aquapac after a two hour sesh.

The other main reason I’m recommending it is although I think it’s expensive for what it is, it still fixes the problem of where to safely store my car key when I’m surfing. Since buying it I’ve taken it on every single trip and wouldn’t go without it.

Aquapac Keymaster Waterproof Case Portable


I would recommend it as a solid choice for anyone who wants to solve the problem of where to put your car key whilst surfing.



Well guys I hope my ‘Aquapac Keymaster Review’ has given you the info you need to make your decision.
Let me know in the comments if there’s any other solutions you’ve tried that solve the car key whilst surfing problem, I’d love to give them a go too! Feel free to check out my other social media channels and let me know what you think!

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