Aquapac Keymaster Review

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Hola waveshackers and welcome to my ‘Aquapac Keymaster Review’.

In today’s blog post I’ll be going through everything you might want to know about the Aquapac Keymaster. I’ll be looking into the pro’s, con’s and whether it’s worth the money.

Here’s a breakdown of the post…

1. Aquapac Keymaster Review Video
2. Good Things About The Product
3. Not So Good Things About The Product
4. Would I Recommend?
5. Key Protection Alternatives

Hoping this will help those with the ‘Where do I put my car key?’ problem whilst surfing.




1. Aquapac Keymaster Review Video


2. Good Things About The Product

  • It’s kept my car key working every time I’ve used it (30+ outings so far)
  • It solves the ‘Where do I put my car key whilst I surf?’ problem
  • Feels like a premium product and comes with super strong welded seams
  • Can be used for asthma inhalers as well as electronic car keys
  • It still floats if you lose it in the water


3. Not So Good Things About The Product

  • There has been a tiny bit of moisture in the bag after a sesh, I’ll explain my theory below
  • The welded seams can be a bit scratchy against the skin when underneath the wetsuit
  • Fairly expensive for what it is




4. Would I Recommend This Product?

So, the main question… would I recommend the Aquapac Keymaster as a solution to the surfing car key problem? Yes.

Firstly, just want to give my theory on the moisture in the bag situation. I reckon this was caused by the Aquapac being tied to my wrist. For the purpose of the review, I wanted you guys to see my car key in the Aquapac whilst in the water. But when I’m surfing, I put it between my shoulder blades under my wetsuit where there’s a lot less water.

But going back to my recommendation – I think it is worth the money.

It fixes the problem of where I put my car key whilst surfing and keeps it safe. I do think it costs a bit more than it should, but for just under £15 I’m happy to pay that price. It’s kept my car key safe and working for every surf trip I’ve ventured on so far.

Aquapac Keymaster Waterproof Case Portable

In short, the Aquapac Keymaster is a solid choice for those looking to keep their car keys on them whilst surfing.


5. Key Protection Alternatives

There are however some alternatives to the key protection whilst surfing dilemma. One is similar to the Aquapac design one is not – so let’s take a look…


Frostfire Mooncode – Portable Lock Box

Frostfire have built a sturdy portable lock box solution with their Mooncode key protection unit for this exact scenario.

You could argue this is more and less secure than the Aquapac. More secure as your valuables are locked away but less secure as they’re not with you. But for surfers who drive to the coast and need somewhere safe to keep their car keys or debit cards. These things offer maximum security and can be attached to a car door handle or to the bottom of a vehicles chassis.


Northcore Waterproof Key Pouch

The second alternative is more similar to Aquapac’s Keymaster solution. Northcore have created their own waterproof key pouch with a different locking design.

With three levels of waterproofing this key pouch is sure to keep your car key safe and dry whilst surfing. Works until 10m water depth and is the perfect size for a standard electronic car key, but can even fit an iPhone 5, 6, 7 and 8.





Well team I hope this ‘Aquapac Keymaster Review’ has helped your research.

For now I’m happy with my Aquapac Keymaster and will continue using it as my solution. Would be great to know in the comments to understand what solutions you guys use to secure your car keys whilst surfing.

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