Aquapac 25L Wet & Dry Backpack Review

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Welcome surfing friend to today’s blog post, my ‘Aquapac 25L Wet & Dry Backpack Review’.

This backpack has been my surf outing backpack (as well as my daily commuter) for well over a year and in this review I’ll be sharing the pro’s and con’s. I’ll also be answering that all important question of… would I recommend it to you guys?

Here’s a quick breakdown of the article…

1. Good Things About The Product
2. Not So Good Things About The Product
3. Would I Recommend?
4. Wet & Dry Backpack Alternatives

It’s another quick read so let’s get started!




1. Good Things About The Product

So, let’s start off with the good things about the Aquapac 25L Wet & Dry Backpack…

  • Completely 100% waterproof, even in the worse weather
  • Comes with a 5-Year warranty for peace of mind
  • The material has some flex so more fits inside than expected
  • A second waterproof bag on the inside can be unzipped and separated
  • The roll-top closure makes it easy to pack, open and close
  • Huge side pockets that can fit the biggest drink bottles
  • Looks professional in black so can be used as a work backpack
  • Comes in two sizes 25L & 35L
  • There’s a hardened pad on the inside that can be removed and used as a seat


2. Not So Good Things About The Product

  • Although they offer good width, the straps need more padding for heavier loads
  • As it’s black it’s hard to see at night and there are no reflective elements on it
  • Adjustable straps are really long so can get a bit annoying
  • The waist strap offers little support if really needed
  • Only one pocket on the inside (excluding the additional bag)




3. Would I Recommend This Product?

So, first things first – would I recommend the Aquapac 25L Wet & Dry Backpack? Yes I would, but with a bit of advice.


The Good Stuff

Firstly, this bag is insanely good at keeping everything inside dry. If all you’re after is a backpack that keeps water out, than this thing is worth its weight in gold.

I’ve used it a few times in torrential downpour with my work laptop, charger and mouse inside and have never experienced any issues. The Aquapac’s additional waterproof bag on the inside was perfect for all these electronics, giving me peace of mind.

This leads me on nicely to my second favourite thing about the backpack – it’s a great daily commuter.

Although I had plans for this to be my new surfing bag, I ended up using it more for work than for surf trips. It looks professional in black and goes with everything I wear. It’s also a great size and can easily fit the usual work laptop electronics inside, plus a gym kit and lunch. The large netted pockets on the outside will also accommodate pretty much any water bottle.

Oh yeah, and it comes with a 5-year warranty!



Bit of Advice

The one thing I did notice is that this backpack doesn’t offer much comfort when carrying heavy loads for long periods. The straps have great width so spread any weight across your shoulders, but they lack decent padding.

Worth noting this was only noticeable after two hours carrying a heavily loaded bag. It’s also worth noting that compared to alternative waterproof backpacks the Aquapac version probably still has the best padding on the market. But, if you’re planning on using it this way, it’s worth a mention.

So, my bit of advice… if you’re planning on using this backpack to carry heavy loads over long periods – it’s not the best.

But, if you just need a solid backpack that won’t let you down in the rain – this is a top option. If you need even more convincing, check out some of the other reviews of this backpack on




4. Wet & Dry Backpack Alternatives

Of course, Aquapac are not the only brand out there when it comes to dry bag backpacks. Here’s a few alternatives that do a very similar thing to the Aquapac, if you need some more options…


Earth-Pak Summit 35L Dry Bag

The first alternative is the Summit Series 35L Dry Bag from Earth-Pak. This backpack features a roll-top closure and is 100% waterproof, just like the Aquapac. However, this Earth-Pak Summit alternative is on the bigger side at 35L.


The straps are lightweight, and it also comes with a 100% waterproof phone – tidy. There are plenty of extra storage pockets on the inside and a splash proof zipped pocket on the outside fo easy access.

A solid alternative if you need a large, lightweight waterproof backpack.


OverBoard Premium 20L Waterproof Backpack

The second alternative is from OverBoard with their premium 20L waterproof backpack. This is smaller than the Aquapac’s 25L bag at 20L so is perfect if you’re after a more compact backpack.


It’s 100% waterproof and made from tough PVC tarpaulin, so is very durable. The straps offer a good amount of padding so can comfortably carry a heavy load. There’s also a large mesh pocket on one side and bungee cords on the pack to quickly attach items.

Another solid choice if you need a comfortable, compact waterproof backpack.





Well team that is that… I hope my ‘Aquapac 25L Wet & Dry Backpack Review’ has helped/informed you of the possible 100% waterproof backpacks out there.

If I were to decide on which backpack to get again, it would still be the Aquapac’s 25L Wet & Dry version. After a years use and more, I can honestly say it’s been the most reliable backpack I’ve ever had. It’s a top product from a formidable brand who’ve been in the waterproof bag business for 35+ years. The extra features that the alternatives don’t have, as well as the 5-year guarantee make it a no brainer.

Would be great to hear your waterproof backpack thoughts and/or questions in the comments below. As always, be sure to follow on the usual socials below to keep up to date with the latest surfing content!


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