How To Wax A Surfboard

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Hi guys, this is the second quick video from when I was down at the beach to show you how to wax a surfboard. It’s a quick five minute guide that will show you the best technique to use when waxing your surfboard.


How To Wax A Surfboard Video

You Will Need…

Some single coat surfboard wax like the one I’m using in the video which can be found on Amazon:

Mr Zogs Sex Wax – Single Coat

Or if you wanted to use the two coat method you’ll need a base coat and a top coat, both can be found on Amazon:

Mr Zogs Sex Wax – Base Coat and Top Coat


Steps To Follow

Step 1

The first step of waxing your surfboard is to make sure you’re surfboard is clean. By this I mean that you’ve removed any previous layer of surfboard wax from your surfboard. If you haven’t done this already checkout my other how to guide on ‘How To Remove Surfboard Wax‘.

Step 2

The second step of waxing a surfboard is to actually check you’ve got the correct surfboard wax for the temperature of water you’ll be surfing in. Surprisingly enough most surfboard waxes have a temperature guide on them so make sure the wax is suitable for your surfing location. For further guidance I’ve created a surfboard wax temperature table below showing the most popular brands and the temperatures their products accommodate.

Step 3

The third step of waxing your surfboard is to first create the cross hatching effect with your first block of wax. If you’re using the two coat method this will be your base coat wax, if you’re just using one block of wax then this is also fine to go ahead and do as well.

Step 4

The fourth step of waxing your surfboard is once you’ve finished the cross hatching effect, to then go over it again now using a circular motion. If you’re using the two coat method this will be using your stickier second block of wax, if you’re using the one coat method this is fine to go ahead and do as well.

Step 5

The final step is to just check your surfboard to make sure all the areas are covered including the rails / edges of your surfboard where your hands will be going during your pop up. If you feel like the wax if going to provide enough grip and you’ve covered your surfboard fairly well, head on into the waves.


One Coat vs Two Coat

Now, whether to choose the one or two coat method is entirely up to you and as with everything there are advantages and disadvantages to both.

Firstly, the one coat method and it’s advantages. As this method only uses one block of surfboard wax it is the cheapest method out of the two. You could also argue that the layer of wax on the surfboard using this method is slightly thinner, making the surfboard marginally lighter.

The disadvantages to the one coat method are that the wax will likely rub off quicker and might not provide as good a level of grip as the two coat method.

So, the two coat method. Firstly, this method should result in a longing lasting layer of surfboard wax so you shouldn’t have to re-apply as often. Also, because the combination of a solid base coat followed by a sticky top coat is likely to provide a better level of grip to the surfer.

So what are the downsides? As this method involves two blocks of surfboard wax it is the expensive option out of the two. It might also be the heavier option as the two layers are most likely slightly thicker but this wouldn’t be noticeable in the water.



That is in summary a quick guide on how to wax a surfboard. Of course, there is no right or wrong way to wax a surfboard, I’ve found that the cross hatching technique gives a great foundation for the rest of the wax to build on. After all, its those small bumps that will give you the most grip when you’re in amongst the waves.

In regards to the one or two coat methods, I use the one coat method as it requires less thought than the two coat method and often just want to get between the breakers as soon as I reach the beach!

Feel free to check out my other social media channels and let me know what you think!


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