How To Remove Surfboard Wax

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So gang, if you want to know how to remove surfboard wax from your board – you’re in the right place. As well as a guide this post includes a three minute video showing you how to get the job done right.


How To Remove Surfboard Wax Video


You Will Need…

A simple surfboard comb like the one I’m using in the video which can be found on Amazon:

Northcore Surfboard Comb

This one is optional but if you’re struggling to remove your wax with just the comb it might be needed. This special solution known as DEWAX.IT softens old, thick surfboard wax. It can also be found on Amazon here:

DEWAX.IT Wax Remover Solution


How To Remove Surfboard Wax Steps

Step 1

This first step is an optional one that only really applies if you have very old, thick wax on your surfboard. If you do read on, if you don’t then skip to Step 2.

So for a old, thick wax layer all thats needed is a quick application of DEWAX.IT. This should soften the wax a bit more making it much easier to remove in step 2.

Step 2

The second step is to use your surfboard comb to start to remove the wax.

It doesn’t matter what end you start at as they’ll be no wax left on the surfboard once you’re finished anyway. Try to use straight line motions whilst applying a gentle amount of force to the combs edge. This should lift the layer of wax from your surfboard without too much effort.

Depending on how long your surfboard is the process can take between 10-20 minutes.

Step 3

Once your surfboard is wax free take this opportunity to remove any other unwanted marks, grease or residue from the board. Again, the DEWAX.IT solution is great for this sort of thing and will leave your surfboard looking brand new.

Once you’ve done that, your surfboard is ready for a brand new coat of wax.


Tips To Consider

Before going in all guns blazing, I’ve got a few worthwhile tips I’d like to share…

Dont leave your surfboard in the sun

This is common advice given to make removing surfboard wax easier by softening it up first. Although it would work its never a good idea to leave your surfboard in direct sunlight. The sun effects surfboards in the same way it effects our skin, it will damage it and start to turn yellow.

Dont expose your surfboard to excess heat

This ties into the first tip but if theres two things a surfboard hates its direct sunlight and heat. Similar to softening the wax with direct sunlight, its equally as damaging to speed up the softening by using a hairdryer, hot towel or leaving it in a hot car. If the wax on your surfboard is old and extra thick, use DEWAX.IT.

Removing surfboard wax creates a mess

This process creates quite a mess. If you’re at the beach make sure to pick up all the wax residue left on the floor once removed from the surfboard. A lot of surfboard waxes these days are organic but picking it up is just the conscientious thing to do.

Don’t do this on top of your surfboard bag

As the video shows I’m doing this process on top of my surfboard bag. Not my best idea as bits of wax fell into the bag and melted, sticking themselves to the inside of my bag. Don’t get me wrong the inside now smells like coconut but it just isn’t ideal.



There you have it guys, a quick guide into how to remove surfboard wax from a surfboard! Doesn’t take too long or cost too much but can make a big difference to how well you do amongst the waves.

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