How To Remove Surfboard Wax

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So gang, if you want to know ‘How To Remove Surfboard Wax’ you’re in the right place.

This step-by-step guide includes a three minute video showing you how to get the job done right. I’ve finished off with four useful tips before you go ahead and wax your surfboard.

1. How To Remove Surfboard Wax Video
2. You Will Need…
3. Steps To Follow
4. Useful Tips

It’s a quick read so let’s get started!




1. How To Remove Surfboard Wax Video


2. You Will Need…

Surfboard Comb

A simple surfboard comb like the one I’m using in the video which can be found on Amazon…


Pickle Wax Remover (Optional)

This one is optional but if you’re struggling to remove your wax with just the comb, a special wax removal tool kit might be needed.

This special kit is known as the Pickle Wax Remover, it’s designed to make removing wax easier and doesn’t include any harsh chemicals so is environmentally friendly… plus it comes with a comb included!


3. Steps To Follow…

Step 1 – For Stubborn Wax, Use The Pickle

This first step is for those struggling to get very old, very thick wax off their surfboard. If that’s you – read on. If it’s not quite you, skip to Step 2.

For those struggling to get all that ancient wax off your surfboard, there is one great solution to your problem – Pickle Wax Remover. As mentioned above, this is an optional product to remove surfboard wax. However, if you’re really struggling to get your wax off this product was made to make your life easier.

This will effectively make Step #2 much easier…


Step 2 – Use Surfboard Comb

For the second step you’ll need your trusty surfboard comb to start removing the wax.

Start at whatever end of your surfboard is easiest and go in any direction you feel like, it’ll all be gone soon anyway so doesn’t matter too much.

You’ll want to use the straight edge side of the comb in straight line motions. Remember to apply a gentle amount of pressure to the combs’ edge to help alleviate the wax from your surfboard. This process can take up to 30-minutes depending on the size of your surfboard.

The toothed side of the surfboard comb is not commonly used to remove surfboard wax. It’s used more often to help increase the levels of grip on a waxed surfboard.


Step 3 – Remove Any Oily Residue

By now, your surfboard should be relatively wax free with maybe some oily residue on the surface.

If this is the case, take this opportunity to give your new looking surfboard some much needed TLC. Again, the Pickle Wax Remover is great for removing grease leaving your surfboard looking brand new.

If you’ve not got the Pickle, some warm soapy water with a sponge or cloth will help remove that last bit of residue.

Once you’ve done that, your surfboard is ready for a brand new coat of wax.




4. Useful Tips

Before going in all guns blazing, I’ve got a few worthwhile tips I’d like to share…


1. Don’t leave your surfboard in the sun

This is the most common piece of advice I’ve seen that I would not recommend.

The general idea is that by leaving your surfboard in the sun, the wax will soften making it easier to remove. Although this definitely does work, it’s never a great idea to leave your surfboard in direct sunlight for long periods of time.

If you’ve had a read of my ‘Surfboard Buying Guide’ you’ll understand the negative effect the sun can have on a surfboard. In short, the sun effects surfboards in the same way it effects our skin, it damages it.


2. Don’t expose your surfboard to excess heat

This ties into the first tip a bit but surfboards also hate excessive amounts of heat.

Heat can do just as much damage (if not more) then damage caused by sunlight. I’ve seen damaging ways to speed up the process of removing surfboard wax by using a hairdryer, applying a hot towel or leaving your surfboard in a hot car. All of these things can really damage the layer protecting the polyurethane underneath.

If the wax on your surfboard is particularly difficult to remove there are safer ways of going about it, like using Pickle Wax Remover.


3. Removing surfboard wax creates a mess

Now, let’s talk about some more useful tips rather than the T+C’s… firstly, removing surfboard wax creates a mess.

If you’re at the beach or out and about, make sure to pick up all the wax residue you’ve just scrubbed off. A lot of surfboard waxes these days are organic but picking it up is just the conscientious thing to do.

You don’t want to be the person who leaves piles of wax lying around in areas animals commonly roam.


4. Don’t do this on top of your surfboard bag

Finally, for the purpose of the video I did this process on top of my surfboard bag – I do not recommend.

Basically, a lot of the wax residue fell off my surfboard and has forever been stuck inside my surfboard bag. So, in the summer my surfboard bag heats up in the car and the melted wax sticks to everything it can find.

Silver lining is that my surfboard bag now smells like coconut but it’s far from ideal.





There you have it guys, my quick guide to ‘How to Remove Surfboard Wax’.

Doesn’t take long or cost much, but makes a big difference amongst the waves. As always, be sure to follow on the usual socials below to keep up to date with the latest surfing content!


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