How To Remove GoPro Surfboard Mount

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Welcome friends, in todays blog post I’ll be showing you ‘How To Remove GoPro Surfboard Mount’.

I’ll be taking you step by step through the method recommended by GoPro themselves. Here’s a rundown of the blog post…

1. How To Remove GoPro Surfboard Mount Video
2. You Will Need…
3. Steps To Follow
4. Recommended By GoPro

It’s really easy to do, let’s get started!




1. How To Remove GoPro Surfboard Mount Video


2. You Will Need…

  • 1 x Hair dryer
  • 1 x J-Hook buckle mount (Not essential, but will help)


3. Steps To Follow

Step #1 – Apply heat to the surfboard mount

The first step is to gently start applying heat to the surfboard mount. You do this by placing the hair dryer above the GoPro surfboard mount, turning it on and holding it there for between 30-45 seconds (Image 1).

If your surfboard is white (like mine) it’s best to start off at 30 seconds. The last thing we want is to risk any damage to the surfboard.

Image 1


Step #2 – Clip in your GoPro mount

If you’ve got the J-Hook buckle mount I mentioned above, go ahead and clip it in. Not got one of those? That’s ok – clip in a standard GoPro mount instead. If you haven’t got either, you’re gonna need some good old fashioned elbow grease.

Once clipped in, try prying away the surfboard mount from the surfboard (Image 2). The heat from the hair dryer should have softened the adhesive making it possible to gradually remove the GoPro surfboard mount.

Image 2


Step #3 – Repeat steps 1 & 2

Now, your GoPro surfboard mount isn’t going to come off after one attempt. Chances are it’s going to take several attempts at both applying heat and then giving it a wiggle. If you’ve watched my removal video above, you’ll have seen it took me four attempts to get my GoPro surfboard mount off.

The key is patience.

The last thing we want to do is damage the surfboard by applying too much heat or applying heat for too long. Again, this is especially important if your surfboard is white as discolouration from heat is real.




Step #4 – Apply heat to the anchor point

So, this basically follows the same steps we took above but for the anchor point.

The difference is that instead of applying the hair dryer heat for 30-45 seconds, we will now apply heat for 15-30 seconds (Image 4). This is because the anchor point is much smaller and quite a bit easier to pry off.

Again if you’re doing this with a white surfboard, start off with 15 seconds.

Image 4


Step #5 – Pry off the anchor point

Unfortunately, there isn’t anything to clip into the anchor point except for maybe tying some string around it. But, in reality this shouldn’t be needed as the anchor point is much easier to remove compared to the GoPro surfboard mount (Image 5).

Again, it’s a case of softly softly catchee monkey, i.e. be patient.

Image 5


Step #6 – Remove any residue

Once you’ve removed the GoPro surfboard mount anchor point, the hard work is done.

You’ll likely have some sticky residue left over. This stuff can easily be removed with some white spirit or warm soapy water. Again, if you watched the video above you’ll see I’m using white spirit (Image 6).

Image 6


Step #7 – Dry off and finish

If you’ve reached this stage congrats to you.

Your GoPro surfboard mount and anchor point have been removed and the sticky stuff is also gone (Image 7). All that’s left to do is dry the area and you’re finished!

Image 7


4. Recommended by GoPro

Just so you guys are doubly aware, this method is recommended by GoPro themselves.

Image 8

It even says on the back of their GoPro surfboard mount box that it can be removed with the heat from a hair dryer. Here is an image (Image 8) of the box so you know I haven’t just made this method up.





So guys that is it, my very quick ‘How To Remove GoPro Surfboard Mount’ guide. I hope you found both the video and blog post useful, would be great to hear from you in the comments below if so.

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