How To Attach a Surfboard Leash

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Hi guys, just a quick blog post with video to show you ‘How To Attach a Surfboard Leash Correctly’.

If you didn’t know how to install, apply, connect a surfboard leash the below guide and video is for you. I’ll be guiding you through the process to help you put your surfboard leash on your surfboard correctly.


How To Attach a Surfboard Leash Video


You Will Need…

  • 1 x Surfboard
  • 1 x Surfboard leash and surfboard leash string


Steps To Follow

Step #1 – Pass the leash string through the leash plug

To start with you want to have the surfboard leash string knot that is already made up at the top (surfboard tip end). Then, simply pass the bottom bit of the leash string under the metal bar in the surfboard plug and out the other side (Image 1).

Image 1


Step #2.1 – Create a loop

After the leash string has passed under the metal bar in the surfboard plug you want to feed it through almost all the way. Once fed through, create a loop and pass the knot through that loop (Image 2).

Image 2


Step #2.2 – Secure the leash string to the surfboard

Once passed through the loop pull the knot all the way through to secure the surfboard leash string to the surfboard (Image 3).

Image 3


Step #3 – Move the leash string knot down

This step concerns those whose leash string knots are too high. The way to figure out if you knot is too high is to see if any of the string between the knot and the surfboard plug can reach the back edges of the surfboard. If it can then it’s too long and can cut through your surfboard when you fall off.

The way to fix this if you have this problem is to simply move the leash string knot down to about half way (Image 4).

Image 4


Step #4 – Pass the surfboard leash railsaver through the leash string

Once the knot has been moved you now need your railsaver. Undo all the velcro on it and pass it through the loop between the surfboard leash knot and the surfboard plug. There should be a crease between the velcro pads and thats where the knot needs to go (Image 5).

If you have excess string you can cut it off to make it a bit neater.

Image 5


Step #5 – Fold the velcro

With the surfboard leash string knot in the crease of the railsaver, go ahead and start folding the velcro making sure all the surfboard leash string is in neatly inside (Image 6). Once you’ve done that, you’ve successfully attached your surfboard leash to your surfboard!

Image 6



So guys that is it, my very quick ‘How To Attach a Surfboard Leash’ guide. I hope you found both the video and blog post useful, would be great to hear from you in the comments below if so.

Feel free to check out my other social media channels and let me know what you think!


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