Renting vs Buying A Wetsuit

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Ever had that ‘Renting vs Buying a Wetsuit’ decision as soon as you reach the beach?

If you have, this post is for you. If you haven’t this post is absolutely for you too. Today we’ll be going through reasons to buy vs reasons to rent, as well as some useful points you might want to consider if you’re ever challenged with this surfing equipment predicament.


Renting a Wetsuit

The decision of renting vs buying a wetsuit can be just as problematic as renting vs buying a surfboard. Again, I’ve experienced both renting and buying a wetsuit so should be able to help those stuck in this predicament.

Renting vs Buying A Wetsuit


Reasons to rent a wetsuit

✔️  It’s great value and often doesn’t cost more than £10 to rent a wetsuit for a day
✔️  Perfect short term option for a short term stay
✔️  You’re not responsible for cleaning or storing the wetsuit after use
✔️  You don’t have to transport it to and from the beach
✔️  You don’t have to worry too much about any damage done to the wetsuit whilst using it


Reasons not to rent a wetsuit

✖️  Rental wetsuits are typically overused so can be in pretty bad condition, meaning they might not keep you that warm
✖️  Can become expensive if you’re renting a number of wetsuits for a few days
✖️  If you’re moving around, you’ll need to find a rental wetsuit every time
✖️  The rental wetsuits might have already been used before you use it so will be wet and sandy
✖️  Someone else would have probably pee’d inside it


Typical scenarios for renting a wetsuit

I can think of a few scenarios where renting a wetsuit makes total sense over buying one…


The new to surfing surfer

Just like renting a surfboard, renting a wetsuit is also perfect for beginners. The best way to try surfing for the first time is to rent both ticket items for the day and see how you get on. The rental wetsuits won’t be the best in class but are good enough for a first taste of what surfing is all about.


The growing family surfer

The second goes back to who you’re getting the wetsuit for. If you’re looking to get a wetsuit for a growing youngster you may want to use rentals until the growing years have subsided. Also, if it’s for the occasional trip to the beach a rental wetsuit makes more sense than buying one that won’t be used very often.


The care free surfer

If washing, drying, transporting and storing a wetsuit doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, a rental definitely will be. One of the best things about rental wetsuits is the lack of responsibility you have for them. Of course you have to return them in a similar condition as you got them but that’s all you have to worry about. Renting a wetsuit is certainly the less demanding option out of the two.


Buying a Wetsuit

Last but not least, buying a wetsuit. Like buying a surfboard this is not a very quick decision and a few things can impact your final decision. To make sure you’re prepared, here are the reasons to buy or not to buy a wetsuit.

Renting vs Buying A Wetsuit


Reasons to buy a wetsuit

✔️  You’ll always have a wetsuit to wear when you reach the beach
✔️  You can purchase the exact wetsuit type, look and spec you want
✔️  You’ll no longer have the hassle of sorting out a rental every time you want to go surfing
✔️  If it doesn’t fit anymore it can often be traded in for another wetsuit
✔️  It will perform better in terms of buoyancy and warmth compared to an aged rental wetsuit
✔️  It won’t be sandy or wet when you want to use it
✔️  Nobody else would have pee’d in it


Reasons not to buy a wetsuit

✖️  It’s a bigger one time hit on the finances
✖️  All of it is your responsibility and it needs to be looked after properly, washing, drying, storing, transporting
✖️  Requires storage space at home when its not being used
✖️  Can quickly become too small if bought for little ones

Typical scenarios for buying a wetsuit

So what are the normal scenarios for buying a wetsuit? Again, I can only think of one reason but it’s a good one…


The self-certified surfer

As already described above, the leap to purchasing a wetsuit often comes once the wearer knows they’ll be needing it on a frequent basis. Having possibly spent the summer renting wetsuits, the small leap is not too much of a daunting one and will improve your overall happiness amongst the breakers.



So guys that, in a nutshell, was my quick guide on ‘Renting vs Buying a Wetsuit’. I hope you found it both useful and insightful.

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